Ledger Nano S Review

Ledger Nano S Review

Ledger Nano S Review: For every Bitcoin and altcoin traders it is important to safeguard their Crypto assets from the hackers as not all the online wallets are safe to save Cryptocurrency. One of the best ways to store cryptocurrency is storing them in the hardware wallet. There are many hardware wallets available to store crypto, but one of the most popular, secured hardware wallet would be Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet is best and available at affordable price for any crypto users. Ledger company sells Ledger Nano S hardware wallet online through their official website.

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The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet, meaning that it gives you the flexibility of offline storage and combines that with the prospect of storing your private keys inside an external storage hardware. This external hardware can later be connected to your desktop or laptop computer through a simple USB cable, meaning it isn’t going to be much of a hassle to access or view your coins. Ledger can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many other altcoins.

Ledger Nano S Review

Ledger Nano S Best Hardware wallet

Ledger Nano S is as popular as it is because of the user-friendliness it carries. The in-app experience has been designed to be extremely fluid for the average user and the overall setup is quite similar to what most of the wallets on the market today have to offer. Upon starting up for the first time, the device asks the user to set up a password to protect your data. Later on in the process, a 24-word seed is provided which aids the user in the creation of private keys. With the initial setup taking up as little as three minutes, the Ledger Nano S leaves no stone unturned to keep user satisfaction at the maximum. Depending on the digital currency you are going to deal in, you will need to install the applications necessary for operation upon the completion of the setup. As far as these apps are concerned, they simply act as transmitters or receivers but play absolutely no role in the actual storage of the coins.

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The Ledger Nano S is a wonderful device. It is full of intuitive features and is rich enough to satisfy the most hardcore cryptocurrency enthusiasts while also remaining simple enough to be operated easily by novices in the field. That is a balance that a lot of other competing cryptocurrency wallets out there in the market fail to maintain. With its clean and clear user interface, easy coin accessibility and strong security protocols, it is no surprise that the Ledger Nano S is the market leader in the world for cryptocurrency wallets right now.

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