How To Buy Ripple in India, USA, UK, UAE, New Zealand, Australia

How to buy XRP or Ripple through Binance exchange: What I like about Binance is they’re much easier with their verification Kraken is taking way, way too long, and I’ve noticed Binance has not been down too much. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you how I transfer over Bitcoin, and then buy the XRP. The first step you’re gonna do is you go into your Binance account, you go into Exchange, into Basic, and here you will see a list of things that you can do Sometimes what’ll happen is when you first start, it’s gonna come onto their BNB, that’s their coin that they’re promoting.

What you wanna do is you wanna scroll down here into XRP. And this is where you can buy it Before you can do that, you need Bitcoin in here. So what you basically have to do is Where did they go? Deposit and Withdrawals, and what you do is you go down to Bitcoin, and you wanna deposit Bitcoin.

You’ll still need a coin-based account I have a little money in here that I’m gonna show I have $128 that I’m gonna send over, so what I’ll do is I’ll copy my Bitcoin address here, I will go to Binance, I will say Send, I’ll copy and paste that address, and here I will say Send Max, so they’ll get about 120-something dollars I’m gonna hit Send I’m gonna get a text message.

All right, we are back If you go into, now, into your Coinbase, it’s taking about 45, maybe 30 minutes, not even, and you can bring up your transaction You can go to View Transaction It’ll go to the live Blockchain It’ll say Confirmations.

These are basically confirming that you own that Bitcoin, that it is going to the right wallet They require Binance only requires two out of six.

Some places require all six, some require 30 Really depends on your where you’re getting them from, and what you can do here is then you can go into Funds, and go to History, and then you’ll see up here, 12/16, what we did, and it confirms the Bitcoin I sent.

Now I can go to the front I am here Now again, if you don’t see XRP here, I think it defaults to BNP, all you gotta do is scroll down here, go to XRP, click here Now it tells me I can buy 148 Ripple That’s my limit, ’cause that’s what I just sent just to make this.

I click Buy (bell rings), it says success Now I can go to Open Orders Oh, they filled it already Yup, 148 buy orders filled, so I now have another 148 Ripple, and that’s it It’s that easy.

So any questions hit me up, and good luck.

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