Sponsorship-“Let her run” response to Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympic ban makes the United States talk about marijuana

Sha’Carri Richardson was banned from participating in this year’s Olympics. The ban came after the marijuana test was positive. The former NCAA champion from Louisiana State University ran a 10.86-meter 100-meter dash. This makes her a full 0.13 seconds faster than the next finisher. Despite the lead, the second-place finisher will be recorded in the record book as the winner of the game.

After winning the US 100m championship, the orange-haired Flash became an up-and-coming cyber hero. she”Every woman’s style and attitude“Brought a relevance rarely seen among star Olympians. The Internet did not accept the ban very well. Several politicians, dozens of athletes, and many ordinary people supported her.

On June 2nd, the US Anti-Doping Agency announced a one-month ban on her-which effectively disqualified her from participating in the Olympics next month. The next day, Sha’Carri appeared on the Today Show and admitted that he did use marijuana. In the interview, she stated that she was only using the pot to deal with her mother’s death.

Voice of support

People from all over the world have sent Support Richardson.

Patrick Mahoms, who won the Super Bowl quarterback, bluntly said in a recent tweet: “This is such a rubbish…let her run!”

Pop stars such as Drake, Gabrielle Union, and Dual Lipa have all issued statements in support of the runner

Many comments from people online have focused on how relevant Richardson’s struggle is. People around the world have been commenting that they have also used cannabis to cope with stress or sad periods in life.

In a tweet, AOC stated that she was formally requesting the US Anti-Doping Commission to end her suspension. This may lead to the lifting of the ban. If it is not lifted, it may delay the track star of the rap spell, A life of forever abundance.

It can even be used online

Richardson’s suspension triggered a large online discussion about the legalization of marijuana. One of the pain points of the ban is that it is completely legal to use marijuana in the state where she uses it. After all, Oregon has had legal marijuana since 2014.

Joe Pompilano of Huddle Up points out: “In 19 states (including the one where Richardson tested positive), recreational use of marijuana is legal, and the NFL, NBA, and MLB have softened them. Position. But will we still prevent Olympians from participating in competitions because of a non-performance enhancing drug? It doesn’t make sense.”

Many people believe that it seems unfair to ban athletes from participating in the Olympics because of a seemingly normal thing.In fact, in some of the 18 states where marijuana is currently legal, you can even Online cigarette shop. William Brooks, chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, thinks you “sell marijuana And you are eligible to be an entrepreneur, please use Weeds You were disqualified as an Olympian? “

The legalization of cannabis use in the United States has led to weeds becoming commonplace in many states. The industry even has its own cryptocurrency. Over the years, cryptocurrencies like PotCoin and HempCoin have emerged to make transactions between cannabis organizations and consumers easier.Even the new SafeTitan (STTN) token, who is ICO is August 14, For MMJ companies, it may become a “borrowing” cryptocurrency in the DeFi industry. For those who choose to lend, tokens will also be a profitable tool.

Support the mental health of athletes

Shakari wrote on Twitter: “I am a human being.” It is obvious that she has been experiencing a difficult spiritual time since her mother passed away.

The American Athletics Association subsequently issued a statement stating, “Richardson’s situation is very unfortunate and devastating for all involved. The health and well-being of athletes remains one of the most important priorities of USATF, and we will work with Sha’Carri. To ensure she has sufficient resources to overcome any mental health challenges now and in the future.”

Most of the protests against the ban are related to the fact that she used marijuana as a spiritual comfort. They argued that she never intended to use it as a performance-enhancing drug. In any case, it is clear that her suspension triggered a lively conversation-this conversation will definitely determine the fate of marijuana in sports in the next few years.

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