Can CBD help treat severe pneumonia among some coronavirus survivors?

according to World Health OrganizationAs of this writing, there have been 71.9 million confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide, and 1.6 million people have died from the new coronavirus. As a result, the global economy fell into the worst recession since World War II.

In the UK, the current number of cases is 1.89 million, the unemployment rate continues to rise, and thousands of people are unemployed.

Although the news The UK becomes the first country to authorize the use of vaccines The incredible promise of preventing the spread of COVID-19 remains a key issue in treating people who have been infected with the virus and are debilitating.

Research on coronavirus treatments has led to a familiar approach-CBD-which has previously been shown to have this effect. Therapeutic benefits of other medical conditions.

Understand that the research conducted in this article only shows possibility CBD treats COVID-19. There is no conclusive evidence that taking CBD can cure the coronavirus or treat its symptoms. To reach this conclusion, more work needs to be done and the CBD will be used as the first line of defense after the coronavirus infection.

How COVID-19 affects the lungs

Coronavirus infects human cells by binding to the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor. ACE2 receptors usually help regulate blood pressure, but they serve as vectors for the virus to spread throughout the respiratory system. These receptors are abundant deep in the respiratory tract, which makes COVID-19 more dangerous than other viruses such as the common cold.

After the coronavirus binds to the ACE2 receptor, it will take over healthy cells in the lungs and may trigger the immune system to over-run. This can cause severe coughing and shortness of breath. For people with severe COVID-19 cases, the infection can lead to pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), requiring them to wear a ventilator to survive.

How CBD treats COVID-19 infection

There is evidence that the Convention on Biological Diversity can bring Multiple has Anti-inflammatory properties, it can Reduce vascular tension, it can Relieve anxiety, with relief the pain. This quality makes it an ideal choice for research on how to treat COVID-19.

This is what all kinds of research must say:

1. Reduce cytokine storm

Researchers from the University of Georgia School of Medicine and the Georgia School of Dentistry at Augusta University believe that CBD may help Treating COVID-19 patients with ARDS.

ARDS is caused by a severe inflammatory response and is sometimes referred to as a “cytokine storm.” White blood cells release cytokines in response to the virus threat, thereby activating more white blood cells. The severity of COVID-19 suggests that the immune system is overreacting, causing severe damage to the lungs.

In this study, scientists generated a cytokine storm in mice, similar to what happens in humans in COVID-19 cases. The mice were then administered CBD, which is believed to reduce specific cytokines and inhibit inflammation, thereby preventing further airway damage.

The treatment resulted in complete or partial reversal of the inflammatory symptoms, and the mice partially reached homeostasis or internal stability. The level of lymphocytes in mice also increased, helping white blood cells to avoid infection.

This research is supported by other institutions that are researching CBD anti-inflammatory solutions.The University of Nebraska and the Texas Institute of Biomedical Research recommend this research area Peer-reviewed articles Published in a magazine Brain, behavior and immunity.

Similar work is being done in the Rambam Health Care Park in Haifa, Israel.Dr. Igal Louria-Hayon, Scientific Director of the Center for Medical Marijuana Research and Innovation, leads his research team Shrink the cannabis strain It can prevent the overactive inflammatory response of the immune system triggered by COVID-19.

2. Reduce virus receptors

Another way to study the potential of CBD against coronavirus is by reducing viral receptors. Dr. Olga and Dr. Igor Kovalchuk from the University of Calgary Lethbridge, in collaboration with Pathway RX, found that at least a dozen high CBD cannabis strains can regulate the number of ACE2 receptors that eventually carry COVID-19 into the body. lung.

Dr. Igor Kovalchuk said Effective cannabis strains can reduce viral receptors by up to 73%Even if COVID-19 technically enters the human body and appears in the mouth, lungs and intestines, it can greatly reduce the chance of infection. If this study yields more conclusive results, Kovalchuk also proposed the possibility of medicinal mouthwashes, gargles, gel caps or inhalants to reduce the risk of coronavirus.

Other research by the team also pointed out that certain strains of cannabis can reduce the immune system’s ability to respond when the coronavirus is detected. Just like the study from Augusta University, this study demonstrates the potential of CBD in preventing the onset of ARDS in severe cases of COVID-19.

The future of CBD as a potential COVID-19 treatment

The positive news that CBD may become a viable treatment for coronavirus symptoms must be treated with caution.

Of the thousands of cannabis strains that have been tested, only a small number show signs of effectiveness. None of the studies directly related to treatments have undergone clinical trials, which means that no trials have been conducted on humans.

There is also the problem of securing more funds for such research and purchasing the cannabis needed to conduct experiments.

Considering the legal history of cannabis, medicinal cannabis is a relatively young field, and many commercial companies interested in research do not have the resources to fund such work. Countries like Australia even require academic institutions to obtain special permits to purchase and store CBD, which adds another obstacle to research.

Finally, generally speaking, CBD as a therapeutic product is still in its infancy. Steps have been taken to prove its medicinal value, but there is still a lot of research to be done.

It is certainly exciting to see how much CBD can contribute to improving lives, especially as another means of fighting COVID-19. However, it is worth repeating that there is currently no clinical test evidence that the use of CBD can cure or prevent the coronavirus or treat any of its symptoms, and these latest studies require more time to reach conclusive results. CBD can help as a general health supplement, but it can only be treated like this.

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