Companies are cutting Zoom accounts and office space instead of jobs

In the last three months, Dumbo Moving downsized about 200 offices into storage and about another 100 into smaller office space. That’s double what the New York City-based moving company did in... Read more »

Twitter’s toxicity, and what China’s protestors want

By Scott Wiener, a California state senator who represents San Francisco and northern San Mateo County. A mere day after Elon Musk reactivated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account, she tweeted that... Read more »

How to Make the Most of In-Person Conferences

“I’ve lost my social skills!” I texted to a friend while en route to my first in-person conference in four years. The workshop itself wasn’t new—I’d been to the same one every... Read more »

Electric Vehicles Cut US Gas Consumption by a Measly 0.54%

Electric vehicles have never been more popular. Just about every automaker is in the midst of an electrification effort, spurred on by impending government regulations around the world aimed at reducing our... Read more »

Pliocene-Like Monsoons Are Returning to the American Southwest

Leaf waxes also predate climate records from Antarctic ice coreswhich go back only about a million years and require a climate that can support ice. One study used leaf waxes to glimpse... Read more »

Effective Altruism Is Pushing a Dangerous Brand of ‘AI Safety’

Since then, the quest to proliferate larger and larger language models has accelerated, and many of the dangers we warned about, such as outputting hateful text and disinformation en masse, continue to... Read more »

Drop What You’re Doing and Update iOS, Android, and Windows

November saw the release of patches from the likes of Apple’s iOS, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Windows to fix multiple security vulnerabilities. Some of these issues are pretty severe, and several... Read more »

Apple Won’t Let Staff Work Remotely to Escape Texas Abortion Limits

Rebecca was getting ready to start her work day at Apple this June when she heard that the US Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade. The decision would trigger laws banning... Read more »

Gamers Are Fleeing Twitter for Hive. Can It Handle the Swarm?

Twitter, both as a company and as a functioning service, is hurting toward the unknown. In the weeks since Elon Musk took control, users have been fleeing to whatever platforms they can... Read more »

How chemists are tackling the plastics problem

Rorrer says the researchers are also considering what materials they should use. Cobalt is more common and less expensive than some other catalysts they’ve tried, like ruthenium and platinum, but they are... Read more »