10 armchair tycoon management and city building games

In children and Other duties, when I often play games in the early hours of the morning, playing management simulation games is one of my favorite things to do.I spent countless days... Read more »

17 weekend sale: mobile phones, masks and keyboards

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Science fiction is a great way to learn political theory

Joseph Reisert, a government professor at Colby College, discovered that science fiction such as Brave new world Added a lot of value to his “Introduction to Political Theory” course. “I wish I... Read more »

This 3D printed chicken breast was cooked with a Frickin’ laser

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Please, no more “Tiger King”

Monitor is A sort of Weekly column Committed to happen on wired The cultural world, from movies to memes, from TV to Twitter. OK.I watched Tiger King Just like everyone else.It was... Read more »

Must beat “The Internet remains unbeaten”

Big ship Trapped in the Suez Canal, Oprah waved to Meghan and Harry with her “stopped” hand. When the sun baby watched approvingly, all the teletubbies slapped each other blue, Donald Trump... Read more »

Twisty laptops, Bendy phones: Microsoft bets on design

it’s time The year when all the latest technology products are released, this week it is Microsoft’s turn to showcase its products. The company introduced some new Surfaces, a weird clamshell laptop,... Read more »

Will the moon really crash into the earth?

With pushing in the opposite direction, the angular momentum decreases. This means that the overall rotation rate becomes smaller. The moon did not completely stop revolving, but it is now revolving slowly... Read more »

How to switch iPhone or iPad and transfer data (2021)

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Found the portrait of the robot walking down the stairs

Bay Area Artist Agnieszka Pilat began her career as a classical painter and illustrator, and she painted secretly portraits in her studio every day. She is from Poland, struggling to break into... Read more »