Amazon Has Too Many Warehouses. Now Sellers Are Paying More

In Suzhou, China, online toy shop owner Cameron Walker relies on Amazon to ship nearly a million packages for his business every year. The 42-year-old’s toy business, which designs and manufactures toys... Read more »

In Memoriam: Forgetting Your Password

Faces rule, brains drool. This is what Apple, Google, and Microsoft decreed earlier this month when they announced they’d be expanding their support for the industry group FIDO Alliance‘s fight to replace... Read more »

Crypto is weathering a bitter storm. Some are still holding on for dear life.

Stablecoins, as the name suggests, are designed to be the rocks of the crypto ecosystempegged sturdily to real-world assets like the dollar. Exchanges use stablecoins to even out the volatility of other... Read more »

Could Life Use a Longer Genetic Code? Maybe, but It’s Unlikely

As wildly diverse as life on Earth is—whether it’s a jaguar hunting down a deer in the Amazon, an orchid vine spiraling around a tree in the Congo, primitive cells growing in... Read more »

If Tech Fails to Design for the Most Vulnerable, It Fails Us All

What do Russian Protesters have in common with Twitter users freaked out about Elon Musk reading their DMs and people worried about the criminalization of abortion? It would serve them all to... Read more »

How to Turn Any Document Into a PDF

There’s PDF functionality built right into Finder as well. If you select multiple files and then Ctrl+click on the selection, you can pick Quick Actions and Create PDF to do just that... Read more »

Tips for Cargo Biking With Your Kids (2022): Gear and Tips to Ride Safely

When I started reviewing electric cargo bikes years ago, they were expensive, niche vehicles for a specific subset of eccentric people. Today, electric bikes are everywhere. But there’s one demographic for whom... Read more »

Interview: Bill Gates talks with Recode about his new book, philanthropy, public health

The WHO estimates that the Covid-19 pandemic has killed almost 15 million people worldwide — not just from the virus, but as an indirect result of the crisis, such as being unable... Read more »

KEF LS60 Wireless Review: An Absolute Triumph

The ultra-slim profile and interior-design-friendly aesthetic belies the power and authority of the performance. In the world of floor-standing speakers they’re tiny, but as we all know, it’s dangerous to underestimate the... Read more »

Peloton’s ‘Worst-Kept Secret’ Is Out (Yes, It’s a Rowing Machine)

Yesterday afternoon, the Twitter account for digital fitness company Peloton tweeted an emoji of a person rowing a boat. That’s it; that’s the tweet. If you wondered if that meant Peloton is... Read more »