Bank of Korea seeks technology partners to build central bank digital currency

The Central Bank of Korea is pursuing its national digital currency plan because it is now looking for technology suppliers to design a trial platform for the digital won. The Bank of... Read more »

Why Elon Musk’s plan to expand cryptocurrency by 10 times has “fundamental flaws”

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published a lengthy paper on the scalability limits of blockchains, criticizing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s claims. article, Published Published on Buterin’s personal blog on May 23, he emphasized... Read more »

Where does the future lie? Experts answer

The dichotomy between centralization and decentralization in human history seems to be opposing forces gradually overcoming or being overcome by each other. And while one replaces the other, people are justifying both,... Read more »

Authorities are seeking to close the gap in uncustodial wallets

When it comes to storing their cryptocurrency, individuals have different choices. They can use custodial wallets (sometimes called custodial wallets), which involves middlemen (hosts) who usually receive, store, and transfer assets on... Read more »

Green blockchain should work smarter, not harder

As the spotlight returns to Bitcoin (BTC), helped by some tweets by a certain mercurial celebrity, the raging debate over its energy use has once again reignited. It centers around one, seemingly... Read more »

After the entire market collapsed, Elon Musk expressed tepid support for cryptocurrencies

After experiencing a severe market downturn, growth may accelerate this weekend. In a tweet this morning, Elon Musk expressed moderate support for cryptocurrencies. Tesla CEO About the face of accepting Bitcoin payments... Read more »

Chiliz is on track with Formula 1 fan tokens

The popular “fan token” reward and interactive blockchain Chiliz signed with a pair of popular European racing teams yesterday and won again. In a press release on Friday,, a fan token... Read more »

The future of on-chain governance

Decentralized governance is one aspect of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), perhaps the most valuable application that smart contracts can bring to mankind. DAO can be regarded as a living organism on the... Read more »

Bitcoin price collapse reminds people to put fundamentals above fear

In bull and bear markets, wise cryptocurrency investors know that the main focus should be on the life of the project, rather than keeping up with each short-term price trend. With the... Read more »

Iranian intelligence officers target illegal cryptocurrency miners

The Iranian government is using intelligence personnel to find and block large established farms that are used to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (Bitcoin),Bloomberg Reported on Friday. The Iranian Student News Agency reported... Read more »