Here is What You Must Know about Flights from Hong Kong to Brisbane

Flying from Hong Kong to Brisbane covers a total of 4, 315 miles taking an average of 8 hours and 35 minutes with an average price of $ 456. There are 18 direct flights from Hong Kong to Brisbane. Finding the best airline that will give you the best exposure and comfort is yet another task. There are hundreds of all significant airlines; therefore, it’s upon you to find the best deal on cheap plane tickets from Hong Kong to Brisbane.

The Best Time to Book Air Ticket from Hong Kong to Brisbane

Ensure you are getting your flight tickets at the best price. You can find the best booking time from Hong Kong to Brisbane by checking at the best time to book a tool.

Track the price of your preferred plane tickets from Hong Kong to Brisbane by merely signing up for sky scanner price alerts. It will update you on price changes.

Depending on your flexibility, find out the cheapest day to travel. This will to cut the cost of traveling. The research reveals that the cheapest days to book a flight is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Major Airlines from Hong Kong to Brisbane

It’s now easier to find the budget from Hong Kong to Brisbane. All you need to do is to compare the cheap airline and find out the one that fits your travel plan. Even if you have specific travel dates and time, you don’t need to fret since Cathay pacific offers several flights from Hong Kong to Brisbane every month.

Besides, you will enjoy the non-stop of their flights from Hong Kong to Brisbane, which typically flies two direct flights daily between Brisbane international airport in Australia and Hong Kong international airport in Hong Kong. The standard flight duration between Hong Kong and Brisbane is 8hours and 30 minutes.

Also, the airline offers free registered accounts to the customers. Once you register, you can book your trip trips faster with personal information pre-filled. All your information is saved for easy alerts on your flight details. It also leads to simple booking management since you can stay in your travel schedule.

Major Connecting Cities from Hong Kong to Brisbane

Sydney and AU are the major connecting city when flying from Hong Kong to Brisbane with connecting flights.

Hong Kong to Brisbane Airports

There are several commercial airports in Hong Kong and Brisbane. They include the following;

  • Hong Kong check Lap Kok (HKG)
  • Hong Kong heliport (HHP)
  • Brisbane International (BNE)

According to, the passengers traveling to Hong Kong have significantly dropped by 35% due to civil unrest in Hong Kong in the recent past. For that reason, Cathay pacific has embarked on relying much on connecting passengers than it used to do before. However, it has remained to be the best airline in Hong Kong in connecting passengers to different destinations because its hub is strategically located in the middle of travel between Europe, Asia, the USA, and Australia. 

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