The Wired team snapped up 12 Cyber ​​Monday deals (2021)

This is general The WIRED Gear team agreed that this year’s Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales were a bit… lackluster.Although we still found some Good dealBetween transportation delays, supply chain issues, global pandemics, and tighter budgets than ever before, these problems seem to be fewer than usual. As gear lovers, this did not stop us. Without a passion for gadgets and gadgets, we would not be product experts. Here are some things that make us pull out our wallets.

WIRED’s Cyber ​​Monday report

We test products throughout the year and carefully select these offers. Product mark (sold out) Sold out or no longer discounted since the date of publication. We will update this guide throughout Black Friday weekend.

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Chromecast and Google TV

Photo: Google

Living in the golden age of entertainment, the massive library of great TV shows and movies at your fingertips is great, but choosing what to watch and watch is becoming more and more difficult Remember what i see. I bought Chromecast with Google TV because it promises to combine all my streaming services into one interface and remember what I have watched. —Simon Hill, special reviewer

I recently changed my mobile phone carrier and replaced my old phone with an iPhone 13.This works with our recommended discounted wall adapter, which means I can charge it after it arrives Apple decided to give up Including them. ——Louryn Strampe, product reviewer

Who wants to bend down every day to clean up pet hair or fallen food? not me. Therefore, after discovering the larger version in the hair salon, I have been studying one version for about a year. This is not the biggest deal, but it is cheaper than I have seen. –Medea Giordano, product reviewer

Fully Jarvis standing desk.

Photo: completely

I can rarely say real technology purchases Changed my life, But this standing desk does it. By dividing my day into sitting and standing time, I felt my back pain gradually eased. It was a cool thing to press a button and watch my table slide up and down. I paid full price for my things a few years ago, but I never regretted it. –Simon Hill, special reviewer

I gave in and got the Elgato Stream Deck. I like buttons; I like small customizable screens; I like ultra-personalized shortcuts, so I got this person.I don’t even stream so much, but this kind of customizable software can perform tasks efficiently while streaming, and it’s also very useful in daily work (this is what I use Gaming mouse and keyboard for work! )—Eric Ravenscraft, product reviewer

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Backbone one.

Photo: Backbone

backbone, Amazon (sold out)

I picked up the backbone number one (8/10, wired recommendation) Because it is almost impossible to buy Xbox, PS5 or any other type of PC or game console now.If you want to try cloud gaming, Backbone One is an affordable way-it turns your phone into a portable game console, and provides a three-month trial Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Edition. Tell friends who have been urging you to play Call of Duty, that you have done your best.——Adrienne So, Commenting Editor

Is this huge psychedelic toy on sale? Not at all. But who can resist that cute nose or tie-dye hat? Who can ignore the huge, post-Cyber ​​Monday embrace promise of only $20? Not me, reader. His name is Raymond.How can I no Buy him? ! —Louryn Strampe, product reviewer

I am currently testing this Teddy Fresh hoodie for us The best homewear guide, And then the company came out Matching dog versionSo I had no choice but to choose another hoodie for my partner so that we could match. Someone also told me that I was very fashionable in Teddy Fresh, so I think all this is an absolute victory.-Julian Chokkattu, Commenting Editor

Ever since I saw I wanted a crazy pink Christmas tree Annabel’s wish When I was young (the owner was a villain, but neither existed nor existed). I always choose the traditional route, but I need a new route, and this deal has an impact on me. Life is too short to refuse a pink tree. ——Medea Giordano, product reviewer

Google Nest audio

Photo: Google

It has been six years since Google introduced Google Home speakers powered by Google Assistant. I have kept it in my living room for so long. It still works well, although it definitely cannot receive my voice commands as before (yes, I blow into the microphone like a SNES cartridge). It’s time to upgrade! Nest Audio is cheaper than OG Google Home, I prefer sand color.It has been on my radar since I read it Comment by Wired Editor Park Hall, And this deal is too good to be missed. -Julian Chokkattu, Commenting Editor

Enter the code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout

When I went to Japan a few years ago, I could buy a new pair of prescription glasses in the mall in 30 minutes (without submitting a prescription). Astonishing. At that time, I fell in love with Kings. I have bought another pair since then, and the quality of the lenses has been excellent for the past three years. Usually, my old Warby Parker glasses will get scratched after a year. But Kings? Crystal clear.This will be my third pair, not because of me need New glasses, but there are many interesting designs to choose from. -Julian Chokkattu, Commenting Editor

I have been waiting for Google to release the new Nest Wifi with Wi-Fi 6 support (for future use), but unfortunately my patience has been exhausted.I do not have need Upgraded my Google Wifi (6 years old!), but the signal coverage in my bedroom is poor.I can’t play Super crush Ultimate Brother There is no game lag on my Switch (and my friend cursed my internet).Moving to a brand new system sounds annoying, I don’t want to install Afterwards there is application. So I gave in and got Nest Wifi. It has arrived, and the transition to it is seamless. Whaddaya knows, I can kick my ass now Smash From my comfortable bed. -Julian Chokkattu, Commenting Editor

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