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When clear roles and responsibilities are established in the entire team, and each role is held by highly skilled personnel in that role, the team functions better. This is the basic concept of teamwork. In this case, a collective team can do more than everyone working individually. The work must be divided to achieve this, so it is more effective to assign work to people who have the skills to perform the work than to assign them randomly or to people who do not have the necessary skills.

When we recruit for the product team, in addition to the necessary skills, we also look for cultural complements and value fit. Every new person who joins us adds something or compliments our culture. It makes the team unique and unique. If you are thinking about hopping (pun intended!) and joining the Starship product team, here are some things you might want to know about how we work.

Extreme ownership and trust

As a team, and everyone, we take full responsibility for our work and what happens. This means that everyone will take action to obtain the necessary information to complete their work, and we will actively try to solve any given problem. We don’t wait for someone to give us everything, but we ask, we seek, and then we find. Yes, sometimes we fail. In this case, we don’t blame others for the failure, but we own it. As one of our company’s values ​​says: “We learn in every journey”.

Professional maturity

Professional maturity is the ability to respect diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences in the workplace. In our team, we have 12 people of different nationalities from 4 continents, and we work in distributed teams between Helsinki, Tallinn and London. We respect each other and accept our differences-this is what makes us different. Having so many different cultures in a team can sometimes cause our opinions to conflict. We view these situations as the source of true team value and treat them in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner.

Suitable for purpose

As a group of experienced people, they are really good at their job, which means we want to do our job well. We want to provide the best experience for our customers and partners. We want to create the best possible products-to make them perfect.

However, the problem with perfectionism is that it slows us down and makes the team miss the opportunity to create value in new ways. If we only release them when they are perfect, we won’t learn how to make things better fast enough. Therefore, we try not to let perfection fall into a better position. Therefore, we pursue perfection, but don’t let it hinder us from releasing great things.

Disagree and promise

We believe that good ideas can come from anyone. We want the best ideas to flourish—no matter where they originate. This means being open to constructive cooperation with people with different skills and perspectives, and keeping our decision-making inclusive and rigorous.

Once we have exhausted the options, a decision will be made. We accept the concept of constructive debate and questioning, but once a decision is made, we will unite on the chosen path. We embodied the principles of disagreement and commitment.

Believe in making a difference

Many of us joined Starship because we thought it would be cool to work with robots. It is true. However, the common value shared by all of us is that we truly believe that we can make a difference. We believe that by developing tomorrow’s delivery service today, we can have a positive impact on solving the last mile problem. We all want Starship to succeed and make the last mile the greenest mile.


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