44 relaxing Cyber ​​Monday beauty and self-care deals (2021)

T3 Lucea ID hair straightener

Photo: T3

Amazon (click the coupon button), T3 ($187), Sephora ($187)

The deal starts at $187, which is still a good deal The flat iron we like, But if you can buy it from Amazon for $175, so much the better. It has a unique temperature function. You can set the heat through the touch control on the handle according to your hair texture (fine, medium, thick), length (short, medium, long) and whether your hair has been dyed. There is also a refresh mode for grooming hair at lower temperatures.

This is the lowest price we have seen on this hair dryer so far. You can buy cheaper, But if you often blow dry your hair without a diffuser, then the swing nozzle is a very cool addition. It moves quickly left and right, mimicking the back and forth movements you might make with your hands.

There are cheaper ways to try no-heat curls, but this kit comes from a small female company, It’s a nice giftIt comes with a wooden comb, a spray bottle and the star of the show: microfiber and wire curling irons. You wrap your damp hair in a temporary bun, and when it dries, your hair will curl without any heat damage. The mileage varies by hair type.

Alleyoop Pen Pal

Photography: Alleyoop

(Add discount at checkout)

This is the same price we saw during Internet Week last year, with a 20% discount on the rest of the website. WIRED critic Louryn Strampe was impressed with this little makeup tool. It combines eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrow pencil and highlighter, and its design is reminiscent of those multicolor pens from elementary school.All options are designed to make self-care and beauty fun and fast, such as Four in one makeup brush with Blush, bronzer and highlighter are compactly stacked.

(Add discount at checkout)

Many WIRED employees are loyal followers of this SPF. It makes you look radiant, does not leave a white complexion, and feels super light on your skin, so you really want to wear it. I haven’t tried other Kinship products, but I really like this one, and now everything has a 20% discount, so I might buy some more things.

We all want what we don’t have. In my case, it was lovely freckles. Fortunately, there are countless artificial freckle products and DIY hackers out there. Freck is the best one I have tried, and some other WIRED staff are also fans. Just create a few points, tap with your finger, and then redistribute the remaining product to other parts of the face. Unless they are really studying you, no one will know that they are fake. With more choices, prices have fallen.you can choose XL bottle or Black shadow, Each item is discounted to US$20 (US$8 minus).

(Use HAPPY25 at checkout)

Olive and June Mani Kit left a deep impression on me I tried during the quarantine, And think that they are worthwhile for people who want to strengthen family manicure. There are several sets to choose from, but Weekender comes with cuticle essence, nail file, buffer, scissors, plush polish, thin nail brush, hand essence, polish, and the brand’s universal bottle handle and top coat , Quick-drying drops, and star nail stickers. If you buy everything separately, the cost will be much higher, and I like the actual product.

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These are the cutest pimples patches you can get. They work well And comes with a beautiful compact suitcase. The brand only holds a few sales each year, so if you are interested in trying out these patches, now is a good time.this Space wash It is also good for sensitive skin.

People like Paula’s Choice, especially this exfoliating product. I didn’t see much change, but some family members noticed an almost immediate improvement. Paula’s Choice sales are not uncommon, but usually not large. If you have been eager to try, at least you can save a few dollars.

(Use CYBERMON21 at checkout)

Urta has one bundle Of beauty products are now discounted, and you can use this code to get $50 off or more off $10 off at checkout.I recommend Any makeup tools from Real Techniques, and also It Cosmetics CC+ Cream with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush.

Clothing sale

Check out our other favorites Overview of our homewear.

Girlfriend Collective compression high-rise leggings and Paloma bra

Photo: Brett Lemke/Girlfriend

(Add discount at checkout)

Before I tried these, I couldn’t understand the appeal of expensive leggings. They have a super high waist design, which feels very tight and comfortable after wearing, and fits snugly, not so tight that you want to tear them off.They too Made of plastic bottles and recycled polyester. I pair mine with matching Paloma Racerback Bra is also discounted to US$29 (US$13 off).

We are trying this now Overview of our homewear. It is very comfortable and well made. Depending on your style, you can get interesting bright colors, or softer colors.

(Use CYBERMONDAY2021 at checkout)

All items in the independent boutique Kiriko are now available at a 20% discount.The choices include a variety of clothing, kitchenware, bags and health products, but our choice is Tongzi’s universal handkerchief.

(Use CYBERDEAL at checkout)

I tried Adidas menstrual shorts and liked them. These tights are comfortable to wear when you work out or hang out. The company stated that the protection they provide is only as a backup. You should still use tampons, pads or cups, but I find that wearing shorts alone is enough for sunny days. Then throw it directly into the washing machine.

(Use WIRED25 at checkout)

This company produces some of my favorite pairs Menstrual underwear. if you want Reduce single-use plastic, Reusable menstrual underwear is a good starting point.

Subscription box offer

I love Subscription box Give it to others or myself. You will receive a surprise for at least one or two months, which is fully in line with your interests.

Gardening Plant Subscription

Photography: Hoti

(Enter GREENTHUMB at checkout)

Whether you want to add greenery to your home or give away plants to others, Horti makes it easy for you Monthly subscriptionEach box comes with carefully packed plants, a pile of potting soil (soaked in water to expand) and care instructions. There are pet-friendly and beginner plants to choose from.

You read the price correctly. This transaction makes you completely free for the first month. If you want to start with two packages, you need to pay a transaction fee of about $13.Coffee subscription is great for connoisseurs and novices, Atlas is One of our favorites. You will get single origin coffee beans from all over the world and roasted by Atlas in Austin, Texas. You can choose light to medium or medium to dark baking, or both.

(Use BF2021 at checkout)

If you like Japanese snacks, Bokksu is one of many theme subscriptions, each box highlights a specific theme or region of Japan. The theme of the first box is the season of the country.For more options, please check our guide Best Snacks Subscription Box.

Oral care discount

Oral care is self-care. Brushing your teeth may not be the most fun activity of the day, but you must admit that you feel more harmonious when you breathe fresher, don’t you?

Philips One by Sonicare electric toothbrush

Photo: Philips

Target, Amazon, Best Buy

This is one of them Our favorite electric toothbrushIt is cheap, light, and compact. Although it is not the most powerful brush I have ever used, it provides enough vibration to help you clean.This is a charging version, but AAA battery-powered ones are also priced at $15 ($10 off).

Amazon (click the coupon button), Buzz ($49)

The small and powerful Hum is our favorite electric toothbrush (9/10, wired recommendation). It is affordable and outperforms Philips in terms of cleaning ability. It is small, so you can scrub your entire tongue and those hard-to-reach back teeth without any problems. If you want to track your habits, there is also an app.new Hum Smart Rhythm is cheaper (also discounted this week). It is battery-powered and has two cleaning modes instead of the three ordinary Hum. It has less cleaning power, but it is great for children or people who want to try an electric brush for the first time.

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