Yasir Shah brought bad reputation to Pakistani cricket: Ramiz Raja


Pakistan Cricket Committee (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja said on Wednesday that the incident involving the testing of the leg spinner Yasir Shah gave Pakistan cricket a bad reputation.

Two days ago, a couple at the Shalimar Police Station in Islamabad mentioned Yasir Shah in an FIR. They claimed that the cricket player helped his friend and knew that he had raped their 14-year-old niece and made a compromise video.

Ramiz said at a press conference in Karachi on Wednesday: “There is no doubt that Yasser is a tour player. Although we train and educate these players, they are in the position of ambassador and should know who and where they are. Associate.”

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FIR stated that when the couple asked Yasir for help, he laughed it off, made fun of the entire incident, threatened their lives and their niece, and said he would use his influence to drag them into the legal battle.

Yasir and his friend Farhan have gone underground, and the police are still searching the case.

“I don’t know the truth of this situation, but the fact is that such headlines are not good for Pakistani cricket, especially now that Pakistani cricket has a feel-good factor,” said the chairman of PCB.

He said that all signed players, including Yasser, are often reminded of their responsibilities as ambassadors and how to perform in public.

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“They have to know who or when to socialize. It’s obvious.”

Yasir has played 46 Tests and 25 ODIs for Pakistan, but missed the recent tour against Bangladesh due to a finger injury.

Ramitz said that he increased player fees shortly after taking over as chairman in September because he hoped that all players would have financial security in society and ended this debate on departmental/organizational cricket and provincial teams .

“I hope these players have a good income, but they are also responsible for Pakistani cricket and the sport.”


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