World League unwilling to release National Cup players before January 3


The World League Forum (WLF) has written to FIFA and the African Football Federation (CAF), the global football governing body, stating that they will release AFCON players before January 3.

FIFA stipulates that state clubs must release their players to participate in AFCON before December 27 (that is, 13 days before the start of the game). WLF stated that for many clubs and players this month, this date is “unreasonable and disproportionate.”

WLF, which represents more than 40 professional leagues, stated that they wrote to FIFA and CAF twice last month, but did not receive a reply. Any penalty for not releasing the player will be “invalid”.

“As we pointed out in our unanswered letter on November 19 more than a month ago, we believe that FIFA’s rules must be adjusted,” said WLF General Secretary Jerome Perlemuter (Jerome Perlemuter). Wrote in a letter sent to Reuters on Thursday.

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“Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of the decision made on AFCON, we believe that for those clubs and players that have played before then, the release of players will begin on January 3.

“We will also consider that any sanctions imposed by FIFA will be considered abusive and invalid.”

Reuters has contacted FIFA and CAF for comments.

Although most European leagues have winter holidays, the Premier League has three rounds between Boxing Day on December 26 and the first week of January.

The Africa Cup of Nations will be held from January 9 to February. 6. In response to Cameroon’s request to avoid the rainy season, January and February changed back to the traditional time.

The WLF emphasized that the club is “releasing players for free while still paying their salaries” to participate in the winter tournament, “against the initial promise made by CAF in 2017 (to participate in the finals in June and July)”.

The 2019 Championship won by Algeria took place from June to July, which is the final season of most leagues.

“Our club is happy to work on this solidarity plan. But considering that we hope that FIFA and CAF will not make decisions in isolation. We urge more dialogue and cooperation on issues related to the game schedule. ,” Perlemuter added.


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