Why is there no Jemimah and no Shikha in the Women’s World Cup lineup?

Since taking office last year, the Indian National Women’s Selection Team led by Neetu David has been adventurous. In the “first show” series against South Africa at home, it excluded Shafali Verma and the experienced Shikha Pandey from ODI.

A series of defeats meant that Verma and Pandey both returned to the England and Australia tour plans.

But before the Women’s World Cup, the selectors gambled again, excluding three experienced contenders from the Indian team-Jemima Rodríguez, Shihapandi and Punan Raut. Although Ekta Bisht was a substitute, Harleen Deol did not appear beside him.

A source familiar with the development confirmed athletic star Despite their good health, Pandey and Jemimah were excluded because the performance of this form was “impressive.” And the Indian Cricket Committee does not allow selectors to talk to the media. Therefore, their versions are still unavailable.

The 32-year-old Pandey last participated in an ODI competition during the England Tour in July and did not participate in the 11-man competition in Australia. Jemima also participated in the ODI competition in England in July, where she only scored four points.


2022 Women’s World Cup India: Ekta and Jemima are out; Renuka is in

Choose Meghna Singh, Renuka Singh Thakur, Yastika Bhatia-the choosers said that the focus is on young people. Obviously, they value their current status rather than reputation.

Former India international and former national team drafter Gagi Banerjee believes that this is a balanced team that may shine in the World Cup starting in March. “It’s a very balanced side. Most of them are experienced all-around players. This combination of youth and experience will help the team. The best part is that most players have experience and have participated in the past. Through the ICC Championship. This is a big bonus for entering the World Cup. In such a big game, there is no room for experimentation,” said Banerjee, who is the team manager of the Australian Tour. athletic star.

Although Banerjee was impressed with the way Sneh Rana entered the team, excluding the “real” talent Jemimah did hurt her. “Jemima is a very talented player, but I must say that we can’t train her well. After breaking into the team at a young age, we should make sure that she is not lost and should train her well. But this did not happen. . So, even though she is such an excellent talent, she is still intermittent,” Banerjee said.

“We should study her shots early so that she can prepare for the World Cup. Unfortunately, players like her missed the game…”

As a former chooser, Banerjee believes that considering their performance outside of Pandey and Raut, their format is inconsistent. “Shikha, Punam, and Ekta got a lot of opportunities. But to be honest, they are not consistent. Shikha has slowed down a bit. With the arrival of young people, maybe the selectors want to give them a chance,” Banerjee said.

Shika Pandey. -Getty Images

Former Indian captain Sudha Shah was a draft pick for the national team until a few years ago. He thinks Jemimah should join the team. “Jemimah is more like a player over the age of 50, so she should provide more stability to the batting department. There is no doubt that her form is not good, but she has performed well in the Centurion and WBBL, her confidence Get promoted. So ideally, she should be in the team,” Shah said. “Shikha, too, with her experience, could have added to her bowling…”

Since the selectors pin their hopes on many inexperienced players, Shah believes that intermediate issues need to be resolved. “It seems a bit inexperienced in this area, so I think it can be balanced. Our midfielder needs to do some work because we often lose control of the game in the midfield, so it is important to solve this problem before the World Cup,” she added. road.

The 2017 World Cup changed the dynamics of Indian women’s cricket. Five years later, with the advent of another game, Mithali Raj’s team has a lot to think about.

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