What Floyd Mayweather’s loss actually means for his brand and boxing


This is a difficult question to ask in the proper context, mainly because the odds of offshore betting are contrary to what actually happened, and few people even considered its possibility.

However, as the pre-match spectacle of trash talk and “Gotcha Hat” began to fade away in support of the upcoming reality that a 44-year-old retired king will actually exchange fists in eight rounds on Sunday (Screening time PPV, 8 PM EST) Standing with a 26-year-old YouTube star, he will be 6 inches taller and weigh more than 50 pounds. What if this is unlikely to become a reality?

Should Logan Paul (0-1) really beat Floyd Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, What does this even mean? Will the sun return on Monday morning? Will the sport or reputation of any boxer be the same again?

This is a (somewhat) realistic possibility that may have interesting potential chain reactions.

“Wow, this is incredible,” Leonard Eleb, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, told CBS Sports reluctantly. “Anytime you step into that ring, your guys are punching and kicking each other, anything damn can happen. This is reality.”

For an incident that has received so much attention – partly caused by Paul’s brother, 26-year-old Jack, by stealing Mayweather’s hat and initiating a fight to create his hatred with Mayweather – the consumer’s conspiracy seems to have aroused People’s attention. More revolving around the potential of car accident spectacle entertainment or the hope of seeing Paul being knocked down.

Any conversation about how Paul used his physical advantage to outbox or eliminate Mayweather is brief.

In addition to the obvious experience gap that led to the increase in offshore betting odds, a large part of the reason may be because Paul’s personality in front of the camera is amiable and almost stupid. As part of a spammer and internet troll, Paul built a podcast and social media empire (including more than 28 million merged YouTube subscribers) behind a very ironic character who never liked shooting himself—— In this case-even his own chance of winning.

“think about it, [PPV] The poster reads “The Right to Brag.” If he hits me, what right to brag? “Paul said. “You beat a YouTuber. Good job.” I defeated Freud, his life was meaningless. Fifty wins, but he lost to the podcast, Pokemon Collecting YouTuber. So yes, he has a lot to do. I just went there and didn’t fucking give it. “

Paul’s description of the face and feeling of the world after Mayweather’s defeat may not be far away. From Ellerbe’s point of view, this is a large part of what makes Paul such an arrogant underdog.

However, apart from obvious differences such as skills, the difference is that Eleb knows that Mayweather is ready and is waiting for this troll to try. Although he was caught off guard by the juvenile nature of the entire episode of “Gotcha Hat” because it was related to what happened between the boxing ropes, Mayweather is not anyone’s fool.

“Can you imagine if something went wrong with this incident? It would completely break the Internet, and Freud paid great attention to this,” Eleb said. “That’s why Logan Paul licked his ribs, because he is a bigger and stronger person. Although he does not have the special skills as a senior boxer, anything damn can happen. Freud is very careful. This. You have a weight grade for some reason.”

Mayweather talked about a good enough game, especially in Showtime’s pre-match documentary series, acting as if he might not take training as seriously as needed.

The quote he dropped “Is it really irrelevant whether I have an intense training camp, this kid has no chance in hell” may be humorous, but Mayweather knows his age well and has not become the richest in his time. The athlete did not pay attention to turning over every stone.

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Paul’s coach Milton Lacroix told CBS Sports that he believes that the lazy stance will eventually defeat Mayweather, even though he thinks the fifth-tier champion is taking the game seriously, “I don’t think he thinks [Paul] Will cause any collateral damage. “

Mayweather’s reality is that any kind of loss may leave a huge stain on the hard work he has associated his legacy with maintaining a perfect record. Again, maybe this is the beauty of how Mayweather arranges this fight.

As an exhibition, the result of this battle, from a historical perspective, has no place in Mayweather’s 50-0 record. It can also activate the inherent excuses from age to the huge weight gap between the two to help clean up the initial-and to a large extent inevitable-embarrassment caused by losing this type of game Huge wound.

Again, Mayweather has not reached the point where he can call himself a “TBE” without knowing the financial reality of each situation. Mayweather will only increase his wealth through this battle, which he likens to rob a bank in broad daylight. A loss, no matter how much damage it may cause at the moment, will only add fuel to a bigger rematch, not to mention the inevitable battle with the Jack brothers.

However, after the Internet interruption, if Paul does the impossible, the bigger mess to be cleaned up will be the reputation of boxing.

The idea of ​​cross-border entertainment competitions-such as those of the Paul brothers who have become the leaders in dressing, and Jack’s signing with Showtime proves this-is a slow or even no way for the traditionalist guards of the sport Existing sales. For an outsider, achieving such a huge and seemingly impossible victory in the best game of the recent era may be seen as a destructive dark circle to the current business situation.

Or, people can look at the real situation of this relationship and realize that as long as the PPV sales inflation point of view, as long as the Paul brothers bubble persists, it will become eye-catching headlines and renewed interest in the sport. A wave of interest will raise all ships that preach an immortal love for sweet science.

Muhammad Ali was notorious for 15 rounds of matches against professional wrestler Antonio Inoki in 1976 (some people think this is the predecessor of mixed martial arts), when he was still an active boxer He has accumulated countless leg impact injuries in a disappointing draw, and has almost no long-term adverse effects on Ali’s brand (retaining the remaining juice squeezed from his leg).

Former UFC champion Tim Sylvia was also knocked down by the 48-year-old former heavyweight boxing champion Ray Mercer. He played a smaller game in the 2009 MMA match. Promotion, after the initial shock and shame, was largely forgotten.

It is true that Mayweather-Paul took place on a much larger stage than the previous example, and involved two of the most famous figures in global sports and pop culture. When one of the participants used the clown to create his own name for himself and others in order to mine Internet gold, the old saying “the Internet will never forget” may be more true.

Ellerbe, in terms of its value, is not worried.

“He had a lot of fun. Freud knew how to deal with himself, and he did a great job in becoming a TBE,” Eleb said. “This is an exhibition. As an active boxer, he has done everything that people want in this sport. He retired and I am very proud of him leaving the sport. He became the sport’s champion. The billionaire was the first to do this forever. He came from poverty, it was through hard work and dedication and having a great team. He was able to leave the sport and retire with all his abilities, and pass the torch To the younger generation.”

Only Mayweather didn’t completely walk away, apparently there was one foot on the door. It’s hard to believe that Paul has enough power in him to trample on him and somehow sway the “bragged right” to his side.

“The right to brag?” Lacroix said. “The only people bragging about will be us. Freud will be in pain.”

If the impossible happens, pain will undoubtedly come to Mayweather, and it is likely to accompany the entire boxing world. Whether that dent can be repaired may depend on the way he loses, but it certainly cannot change everything he has done and paid for the sport.

Try to tell the Internet in the first 24 hours, days, or even years.


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