Trevor Lawrence looks like he might be the real deal… So is Jack Paul?

Hi, sports fans, this is Shanna McAlston is hereToday is Monday, and you may feel sad, but at least we have a lot of great sports news to talk about, distracting you at the beginning of the work week.

Let’s talk about what we are going to talk about, shall we?

This is the end NFL preseason, So we will review all the final actions that took place over the weekend.How could we forget Youku anchor Boxer Jack Paul, he played against Tyron Woodley last night.

To end the main project, we will discuss NASCAR and possible injuries to a key player at the end of the season Crow‘Offensive.

let’s start.

📰 What you need to know

1. Trevor Lawrence Shine at the end of the NFL preseason game🏈

Can you believe it? We have finished the NFL preseasonThe training is coming to an end, soon… this is very important. The preseason ended yesterday, The regular season will start next Thursday, September 9.

Of course, some NFL teams There are some disturbing injuries (which we will discuss later today) that may affect their season, and some teams have seen the emergence of young stars.

Having said that, let’s start Trevor Lawrence. He performed well in confrontation cowboy‘Backup. really good.

  • Lawrence made 11 of 12 shots, 139 passing yards, and two touchdowns.
  • This pair of one 154.5 Passing Rating
  • Does this mean that the Jaguar team has hope?This is just for the Dallas bench, but you never know

Lawrence’s performance is enough to surpass us National Football League Scribe Taylor Sullivan Weekend preseason QB ranking. you can Read all about these rankings here.

The Jags and Cowboys are not the only teams competing on weekends.this is yours League score:

now, One more week, until the real action begins!

2. Jack Paul won the split decision victory against Tyron Woodley 🥊

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Whether you like it or not, there are all here Jack Paul had another fight last night. This time, YouTuber Facing former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. We must give credit when the credit expires.

this Paul, 24, improves to 4-0 as a professional boxer Obviously this was his toughest test so far, and he won by a split decision.

  • Paul (4-0, 3 KOs) took home the referee’s score with a score of 77-75 and 78-74
  • The third referee is Woodley (0-1), scored 77-75
  • CBS Sports scored 78-74 for Paul

Let us remember that when he was a UFC champion, This is Woodley’s boxing debut. still, Paul beat Woodley 71 to 52. Most fireworks are in one In the wild 4th round, Paul ate a huge right cross. Even if referee George Nichols decides not to judge as a knockdown, he may still need ropes to support him.But from there, the 39-year-old Woodley lost his UFC trade in the last four mixed martial arts matches, he just didn’t punch enough to make Paul pay the price.

  • Paul: “I don’t know what to say, but he is a tough opponent. He has been boxing, fighting and hitting for more than 20 years. I have been doing this for three years. This is a tougher fight than I expected. My legs feel weird in the locker room. I don’t know what to say. He plays well and is in great shape. I only have respect for him.”

So where does Paul go from here? “I may need to rest for a while to figure out who I am. I am only 24 years old. We will wait and see,” he said after the game. In order to review the battle more deeply, See what our combat expert Brian Campbell wrote.

3. Crow JK Dobbins May miss the entire season due to a torn ACL 🏈

The preseason can be difficult because coaches want players to return to competing with the team and try not to put too much pressure on them.Sadly Baltimore RavensOn Saturday, a meaningless match against the Washington football team turned into the worst.

Running back JK Dobbins injured knee He had to be lifted off the field after being hit in a screen pass. According to reports, This is Dobbins’ torn ACL-an injury at the end of the season.

This is What we know so far:

  • When Dobbins was lifted off the field, his left leg did not exert too much weight
  • After being sent off, he was excluded from the rest of the game
  • If not for the entire season, he is expected to be absent for most of the season

Before was injured, Dobbins was a fantasy football third-round pick in most drafts, but it was obviously unwise to bring him there. Christa, our fantasy football expert It is recommended that any drafter not bring him into the top 140. Gus Edwards, Dobbins’ substitute is now expected to be far ahead of Dobbins in the draft.

But in order to temporarily forget the fantasy, because This may have a serious impact on the Ravens offense. And this is already a team No rookie wide receiver Bateman Due to an injury to the groin.Former MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson May need a lot of help from Edwards and RB colleagues Justice mountain.

4. Ryan Blaney won the Coke Zero Sugar 400 and Tyler Reddick won the playoff finals 🏁

We haven’t talked about NASCAR for a while, but today this situation is changing. I lived in Charlotte for a while and started to participate in the sport while there. I even have to drive my own car at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I have been to a bunch of racing tracks now just to visit/watch the race.But this main project is not about me, so let’s talk about the upcoming NASCAR Cup series playoffs.

Saturday, Ryan Blaney has his third victory in 2021 In the regular season finals.Blaney Survive overtime Participate in the Coke Zero Sugar 400 NASCAR Cup Series in Daytona Win. The game has 45 lead changes, 14-minute red flag period On the last lap, Blaney had a major crash at the corner of the track and won.

  • Blaney: “How about that? That’s so interesting. Gosh, we almost missed the wreckage. We had to be in the front row and then pushed well by number 7. [Corey LaJoie]. You never know how these things will end. In the back, you don’t know which lane goes further. I guess someone is entangled over there, I hope everyone is okay. “

The 27-year-old No. 12 team Penske Ford led only 7 laps in 145 races. Bubba Wallace and Ryan Newman Ranked in the top three, with Ryan Price and Taylor Redick Follow them behind.

Redick’s fifth place result is huge. Use it, He won the last spot in the playoffs of the Cup series (point). For the complete standings and outlook for the playoff schedule, click here.

📝 bit by bit

📺What to see tonight

Cardinals vs. Reds, 6:40 PM | CIN -180 | TV: MLB.TV

Red Sox and Rays, 7:10 PM | TB -135 | TV: ESPN

Yankees and Angels, 9:38 PM | Los Angeles +125 | TV: MLB.TV

The best thing I have seen online 🏅

  • Texans safety Justin Reid realized his dream of playing in the NFL. He tweeted a video of the time, saying “Don’t lie, this is the most interesting thing I have ever played in the preseason. I will always remember this. The dream has come true. I have The next FG is ready.” I like to see the players having a good time on the court, which is obviously what he wants to do. Now let him kick some shots!
  • The quarterback of the New England Patriots seems to have a theme.when Tom Brady In the team he struggled with. Struggling seriously. Not on the court, but he is always striving for a high five.Now it happens Cam Newton. Newton tried to give Mike Jones Five, but the rookie first-round pick did not attract people’s attention. Newton persisted and finally got it. The Patriots defeated the Giants 22-20 in the preseason final. There are high fives everywhere in New England.

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