The roots of England aimed at the Ash Century in Melbourne


England captain Joe Root supported himself in winning the first Ashes in Australia because he is preparing for the third test that starts in Melbourne on Boxing Day. If England is to win the series, this is a game that must be won.

Root has set a British record of 1,630 test runs in 2021 and has two and a half centuries of results in the Ashes Series, 89 times in Brisbane and 62 times in Adelaide, because his team twice Fiasco.

He also saw Australia’s Marnus Labuschagne succeed him as the world’s number one batsman after the second test.

“My shot feels very good,” Root was quoted as saying Sky Sports“I am confident that in the next three games, I can score a hundred points in this situation.

MCC believes that the Boxing Day ashes test will not become a super spread event

“I know it’s brave to say that, but my conversion rate this year is not a problem at all.

“I know how I want to score. It’s clear there, I just need to continue to put myself in those positions, just gnash my teeth.”

Root has not achieved a century of results in Australia, where his average score is below 40, far below his overall test average of 50.01. His 89 points earlier in the series was his highest score in Down Under.

But he also hopes that the team will receive a comprehensive response in the Boxing Day (December 26) test, which is the beginning of three must-win games.

“This group has a lot of motivation and we are doing everything we can to make sure we are 2-1 when we leave here,” Root said.

“If we can do it anywhere, we will put them (Australia) in an uncomfortable situation, and we will fight back, leaving this position, we will find ourselves in a very different situation.”


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