The result of Mayweather vs. Paul, highlights: Chad Johnson survived and went further in the exhibition

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson’s boxing debut was a roller coaster on Sunday, and he finally stood up.

Johnson, 43, survived the final round of knockdown after basically controlling his action against Brian Maxwell in the four exhibition rounds. Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul Pay Per View Card Inside the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

As a two-minute exhibition game, no judges were appointed and no winners were announced.

This man was originally named “Ochosenko” and has participated in professional bowling six times, the last time he participated National Football League In 2012, he took a clear advantage in this left-handed battle, and used his jab and the threat of a left-handed cross to keep Maxwell away. But it wasn’t until the 4th round soared that he was strongly resisted by the 33-year-old Virginian.

“I had a great time. I have two months to prepare for it,” Johnson said. “Thank God, thank Floyd Mayweather, thank Brian. My life has always been adventures and doing crazy things. This is just one of my bucket lists. This is a message to tell people to go out. , Stay alive, don’t be afraid of failure. It’s okay.”

Although this is his debut in the boxing ring, Johnson is no stranger to boxing training in his NFL career, and looks very good after weighing 179.5 pounds. He hit a counterattack on the left to control the first round, and by using his quick footwork to get around even Maxwell the Joker avoiding any trouble well.

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But given Johnson’s lack of continuous head movement, if Maxwell gets close enough, it feels like he might be knocked down. In the first three rounds, he hardly tried. When Maxwell’s left hand landed and seemed to seriously hurt Johnson, the late surge finally succeeded. The former NFL star stood up again and began to shake when the game resumed. He was exhausted and faltered. Once again, Maxwell, who was also exhausted, got him out of trouble, and Johnson ended the fight.

“Who is Brian Maxwell in the world now?” Maxwell said. “Brian Maxwell is here.”

According to CompuBox data, Maxwell beat Johnson 17-14. Maxwell maintained a 0-1 record as a professional boxer and a 0-3 record in unarmed matches.

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