The production of Ebadot Hossain-the courage of the air force and the smell of Sylhet

Bangladesh is famous for training spin bowlers. Every other kid in the country aspires to be a spin bowling all-around player, especially after witnessing the great success of Shakib Al Hasan.

Sylhet boy Ebadot Hossain Chowdhury is a different kind of cricket script in this Asian country. The right-arm fast bowler did not pass the ranking in the system. He was discovered during a walker hunt in Faridpur, where he impressed the former Pakistani fast hand Aaqib Javed.

Ebadot’s father worked in the Bangladesh Border Guard and he joined the Air Force, where he could play volleyball. Innate speed and love for Brett Lee brought him closer to cricket.

In the second game, he made 46 of his career best 6 shots Choking New Zealand in the first test at Mount Maunganui It can open a new chapter for the Bangladeshi walkers, who do not have enough opportunities to shine in the family conditions that usually assist rotation.

The Bangladesh Cricket Committee has been working hard to find real fast bowlers and fine-tune them in their high-performance training camps. Ebadot’s data reveals the work of the coach.

Before joining Ottis Gibson’s international team, former Sri Lankan fast bowler Champaka Ramanayake polished Ebadot in his early years. “He didn’t know where he came from. He was with me for about two and a half years. When he came, he was very blunt, but he had a heavy ball rhythm. He was unstable and didn’t play much cricket in the early stages. He doesn’t even run up right, he has to do a lot of technical work.

“Since he played that kind of spell in the second game, he has performed very well. Now, he firmly believes that he can do it. Earlier, he didn’t pick up the wicket. I always tell him to stick as much as possible, One day I will be rewarded. Finally, my hard work paid off. To test cricket is to have patience and consistently hit the ball, bowling and spells,” said Ramanayake, a fast bowling consultant at the High Performance Center. athletic star.

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Ebadot has been disciplined in his methods, but it took him some time to be consistent. Before this test, he had only 11 wickets in 10 games. “He is playing top-notch cricket, but he is not consistent. It was only recently that he slowly gained this consistency in the A team. It took him a while. Now he is in the national team and he realizes that he is at the highest level. The importance of consistency. I must praise the trustees for Ebadot because he did not choose wickets in the early games,” Ramanayake said. He believes that this historic performance can be used overseas in the future. Brilliant conditions pave the way.

Change culture

Ramanayake understands the challenge of fast bowlers to shine on Bangladesh’s spinning friendly track. He believes that neutral wickets can help satisfy the hunger of these fast bowlers, who can later breathe fire under overseas conditions.

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“He played a lot of cricket at home, but there was not much support on the court, but when you leave, if you hit the right length, you can always pick up the wicket as a fast bowler because there is always A bit of grass left on the court. If you are smart enough, you can do it,” he said.

Many years later, BCB firmly believed in assisting fast bowlers in domestic competitions. “In China, BCB is trying to have a green top. But for the test at home, you have to win with the best skills. That’s why the focus is on spinning. In China, there is a 50-50 wicket. I believe this is ideal because it will force the bowler to work hard for the wicket,” Ramanayake added.

Sylhet connection

The three Bangladeshi walkers from the current crop-Ebadot, Abu Jayed Rahi and Khaled Ahmed-came from the picturesque city of Sylhet in eastern Bangladesh with hills and tea plantations.

Ebadot honed his skills under the guidance of Sylhet’s coach Mohammad Emon. It offers good facilities, weather and flexible wickets to train to become a fast pitcher hand.

Cock-a-hoop: Ebadot celebrated his dismissal in the first test of New Zealand. -AFP

Eamon emphasized how the mild temperature and world-class facilities of the Sylhet branch can help pacemakers. The boys also have many good friends. “I have always been the local coach of Ebadot. Many speed bowlers come from our region, such as him, Rahi and Khalid. I think the cricket culture in this area has changed with the improvement of facilities. Because it is a hilly area. , So it can help players train better. I think training will help players in the long run,” he said.

The knowledgeable coach had to face a lot of accusations because he tried to make Ebadot a bowler, and the latter had a wayward line and length on the day. “Look, rhythm is a natural thing. How to add more skills and develop pitchers is the job of the coach. I never back down. Ebadot also received a lot of support in Rahi. They trained together and always supported each other,” he added.

Since Gibson dispelled most of Ebadot’s doubts, Emon breathed a sigh of relief these days. “I know the great work Gibson has done for Ebadot. I keep hearing from him the types of tasks he is assigned. Before, he would play shorter, now he can play more full.”

Bangladesh’s future pace

The pace department of Bangladesh, together with Sylhet Boys, Taskin Ahmed and Shoriful Islam-young people from remote areas of Panchagarh district, have performed well in terms of speed. “They are all smart kids and they will do well. When he started playing cricket, Shoriful didn’t have electricity at home, but he didn’t look back. Even at the age of 19, he had a lot of confidence. Change Bangladesh Textile culture takes a while. But to win competitions outside Bangladesh, you need a pacemaker. This is what I have done for the past four years,” said Ramanayake, who will travel to Bangladesh to participate in a competition in March. Special training camp.

At the same time, the Tigers can take some time to cherish the test victory and prepare to end the series in Christchurch.

On Sunday, Ebadot is expected to make a louder noise. Let more salute.

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