The Perth Ash test is questionable because Western Australia insists on a hard line on quarantine

The Australian cricket team’s hopes of conducting the fifth Ash Test in Perth appear to be at stake, and the Western Australia (WA) state government reiterated its “very strict rules” regarding the isolation and restriction of family members of players.

The Perth Stadium was originally scheduled to host the final match of the Australia-England series on January 14, but the Western Australian authorities insisted on quarantining players and staff after entering the state from New South Wales (New South Wales). New South Wales conducted its fourth test in Sydney.

“The thing about Australian Ashes and cricket is that we have very strict rules,” Western Australia Governor Mark McGowan told reporters on Tuesday.

“We have told them that they need to be quarantined for 14 days. This must apply to all broadcast staff, all cricket staff.

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“They can’t just take their wives and girlfriends, (have) the same rules we set for AFL.

“It is up to them whether they are willing to abide by these rules.”

Western Australian authorities require players to quarantine before Perth hosts the Australian Rugby League (AFL) finals in September.

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Considering the short break after the Sydney test from January 6th to 9th, Western Australia’s tough stance puts the Perth test into question.

The English players are preparing for the opener of the series in Brisbane on December 8th in South Queensland. They successfully negotiated to get their families to travel with them to Australia, where the border is effectively closed to non-residents.

England goalkeeper and batsman Jos Butler said that if family members are not allowed to cross state boundaries with them, players may have reservations about staying in Australia.

“I guess letting the family leave here is an important part of the negotiation, and getting them here is a great help, and we hope that they will travel with us,” he said.

“If we are allowed to move across states, I don’t understand why our families in the bubble cannot move with us.”

Other states in Australia have relaxed quarantine and border controls for vaccinated people, but Western Australia without COVID is expected to be closed until early 2022, depending on the vaccination rate.

Western Australian Cricket Association boss Christina Matthews said at the weekend that the Perth Test only has a 50-50 chance.

The Australian cricket team could not immediately comment.

Other Australian states, including New South Wales and Tasmania, have raised their hands to host the Ashes finals. New South Wales Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres said: “We have told the Australian cricket team that if they need it, we will be here to help.”

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