The Patriots are still the hottest team in the NFL, plus Peng Shuai’s explanation

Congratulations, friends! We have reached Friday! There is a weekend full of football in front of you, followed by a short week and Thanksgiving. I will be on vacation next week, but before I go, here are my hottest Thanksgiving foods:

  • Overrated: Cranberry Sauce
  • underestimated: sweet potato
  • It’s just bad, and always will be: Mung Bean Casserole

Well, hope you are still reading, not tweeting what it means to me. let’s start.

Good morning everyone, especially…

this New England Patriots (And the main defense)

this patriot They have found their winning formula: tenacious offense and strong defense-the latter really played a role.

New England is eliminated 134 yard punch, Mike Jones Touchdown Nelson Agrol And defense records Four interceptions and four sacks On going to a Win 25-0. This is the Patriots’ fifth consecutive victory.This is our taylor sullivan The biggest reason for New England’s consecutive hits:

  • Sullivan:The Patriots’ defense is still the backbone of this winning streak, and their performance has improved in the past month, which makes this team’s ceiling exponentially rise. They can put pressure on Ryan early and often, and put pressure on Ryan from all aspects…Ryan was fired four times that night and was hit 12 times in total. ”

In just one week of away games, the Patriots’ defense did not slack in the is For the first time since 2005, the New England team maintained single digits for three consecutive opponents in a season. Bill Belichick and the company’s next?Dating with AFC’s leading family Titan Next Sunday.

A month ago, that game didn’t look like much.Now, assuming Tennessee can beat Houston this weekend (I know it’s dangerous to assume, but still so) it will feature the team with two longest consecutive wins. National Football League.

The Patriots are Very Back.

Honor Award:

  • At this rate, Stephen Curry He will appear in this part every time he plays.He has 40 points and 9 three-pointers On Thursday against the Cavaliers. He defeated Cleveland 20-8 in the fourth quarter. He is simply ridiculous.
  • Dick Vitale is back! Iconic college basketball broadcaster, he announced in October that he had Diagnosed as lymphoma, There will be a showdown between Tuesdays No. 1 Gonzaga and No. 2 UCLAThe 82-year-old is still receiving treatment, but his return will surely bring smiles to college basketball fans everywhere.

It’s not a good morning for…

Top Ten Men’s Basketball

If you are a top ten team that has lost to an unranked non-conference opponent in the past five days, please raise your hand. Illini, wolverine, terrapin and horse chestnut, we are looking at you!

Yes, that The men’s basketball team of the Big Ten League lost to an unranked non-conference opponent for four consecutive days. it is This is the first time. What happened recently was last night The 19th ranked Ohio State University lost to unranked Xavier 71-65.

Earlier this week, this happened:

  • Wednesday: 20th Maryland Lost to George Mason
  • Tuesday: #4 in Michigan Lost to Seton Hall
  • on Monday: 10 Illinois Lost to Marquette

Disturbance caused a lot of shuffles in Gary Parrish Top 25 and 1. Last season, the top ten dominated the regular season, disappointed NCAA Tournament.

This season, there is no need to wait until March.

Shohei Ohtani and Bryce Harper won the MVP award⚾

Getty Images

1900 marked the “modern era” in baseball.Since then, there have been 2,229 pitchers have recorded at least 150 strikeouts in a season. Had There are 353 batters hitting 40 home runs in a season.

Had One-count, one-an example of a player doing these two things at the same time in a season… This is not Babe Ruth.

Say hello to you 2021 AL MVP, Shohei Ohtani. Two-way superstars take home All 30 votes first place He became the fourth angel to receive the award after Mike Trout (2019, 2016, 2014), Vladimir Guerrero (2004) and Don Baylor (1979). Ohtani posted a 9-2 recorded on the mound, And his 46 homers It is second only to Troy Glaus in the history of the Angels, who scored 47 points in 2000. He really did it all, Write Major League Baseball Expert Dane Perry:

  • Perry: “It’s common to hear the term’all-around’ players, but in Ohtani’s case, this statement is close to the literal meaning, at least in baseball. Together, Ohtani 9.1’s comprehensive WAR not only led the AL, but also led all” This season’s Grand Slam and achieved this by a big advantage. Yes, WAR is a blunt tool, but in this case, it is correct when it considers Ohtani as the best player in the 2021 game. “

Although this was an incredible victory for Ohtani, for those On March 19, 2021, invest USD 30,000 to Ohtani to win the MVP. At the time, Otani’s odds were 30/1, which means Caesars Sportsbook paid $900,000 for this bet alone.

In terms of NL, Phillies slugger Bryce Harper Made a little history by myself and became The fifth player to win the MVP with multiple teams. Harper also won the national championship in 2015, beating the current national championship Juan Soto, Including the award. He is the sixth Phillies player to win the MVP.

Pete Prisco’s choice week 11🏈

Getty Images

Pete Prisco’s Week 11 Picks Here, his season record is 90-60-1, which is worth listening to.

Here are his thoughts on the two top games of the weekend:

  • packing worker exist Vikings: “Minnesota won in an away game last week chargerBut the Packers will get the offense back on track to slow Cousins’ defense in a big game. The packer takes it away. Choice: Packers 24, Vikings 19
  • cowboy exist Chief: This is this week’s game. It should be an offensive shootout between the two sides. Patrick Mahoms with Dark Prescott. Last Sunday night, Mahomes restored the offense to the level we expected before the season. This will continue here. The Cowboys will also score, because the Chiefs’ defense is still not very good, so looking for a high-scoring game, the Chiefs are among the best. Choice: Chief 34, Cowboy 30

Peng Shuai’s latest situation🎾

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Here are some key updates Around the Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai Missing:

  • Shuai hasn’t shown up for more than two weeks On November 2, accused the retired Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault in a social media post..
  • On November 14, Steve Simon, CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Request investigation.
  • Allegedly, on November 17, Shuai sent an email to Simon stating that the WTA did not seek her consent or verification before issuing a statement. The email also said, ”


    🏈Packers of the Vikings (+1.5), 1 pm on FOX | The classic NFC Northern Conflict with Green Bay and Minnesota for the postseason position.
    🏈Bill’s Colts (-7), At 1pm at CBS and Paramount+ | This is a declarative victory for any team.
    🏈Cowboys for the Chiefs (-2.5), 4:25 PM at FOX | I shouldn’t explain why you should watch this.

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