The BBC removes Michael Vaughan from the radio show on charges of racism

this British Broadcasting Corporation The broadcaster said on Friday that former England captain Michael Vaughan had been named from the radio program next Monday after being named in a report investigating former player Azim Rafik’s allegations of institutional racism in Yorkshire. Removed former England captain Michael Vaughan.

In the column Telegraph On Thursday, 47-year-old Vaughan said that he allegedly told Rafik when he walked into the court with two other Asian players, “You are too many, we need to do something.”

Vaughan, who played for Yorkshire from 1993 to 2009, strongly denies comment.

this British Broadcasting Corporation In a statement, it said: “(We) take any allegations of racism very seriously. The allegations against Michael Vaughn predates his time at the BBC. We are not involved in the investigation conducted by the Yorkshire Cricket Club and we cannot obtain Subsequent report.”

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“However, we are aware of an allegation that Michael strongly denies, and we have been monitoring the situation closely.”

“We have made an editorial decision that Michael will not appear as a host 5 LiveThe Tuffers and Vaughan show on Monday. “

Roger Hutton Resign on Friday, Accused the club executives of failing to accept the racism accusations made by Rafik and learn from them. The club stated that Hanif Malik and Stephen Willis have also withdrawn from the board of directors and appointed Lord Camlesh Patel to succeed Hutton.

Rafik is a Pakistani player who was the captain of the England Under-19 youth team. He said that last year in Yorkshire made him feel like an outsider and planned to end his life.

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