The battle between Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley: Watch the five biggest storylines from a fun card in Cleveland

The last fighting sports battle of the summer showed everything on Sunday night, and the YouTube sensation Jack Paul continued to turn to professional boxing when facing former UFC welterweight champion Tyronn Woodley.

The Showtime PPV event will be held at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse In Cleveland, Ohio, the hometown of 24-year-old Paul (3-0, 3 KOs), he predicted that he would be in Woodley (0-0 boxing; 19-7- 1 in MMA).

As we approach the crossover event, let’s take a look at the biggest storyline into the night of battle.

1. Paul-Woodley is the best example of this celebrity, cross experiment

As everyone from entertainers to MMA stars and retired boxers continue to throw hats at the ring in the latest trends in boxing, how long will the bubble last? Maybe as long as the battle is still dynamic and competitive. This game has a chance to be the best example of this type of fighting game if it is done right. Boxing experts still don’t know what they have in Paul, and there are not many shots to gauge what Woodley might do as he tries to join a new fighting sport after losing four games to end his UFC match. What. But considering the credentials of both, you can almost rely on two things: First, this is a very matching game that should produce an equal number of predictions to either side. Secondly, someone was eliminated. The fighters also don’t seem to like each other very much, and it certainly won’t hurt. In June, when Jake’s older brother Logan Paul faced the retired King Floyd Mayweather, Showtime’s last effort entered all the hype and accumulation of the boxing carnival, but From a perspective, the result of this battle is a lost entertainment. Unlike that game (this is an exhibition game), Paul Woolley is a real professional game in which two fighters may try to win at all costs, even if it means risking a spectacular failure. . The star power itself can get people to the door or click “buy” on the remote control, but to keep them there, the promoter needs to fulfill the promise. This game seems to provide everything suitable for this type.

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2. Woodley is the right opponent to know if Jack Paul really exists

So far, the difficulty with Paul’s brief professional resume is that we still don’t know if Paul is very good at playing a legitimate boxer, or if he might just be well on his way to becoming a real person. Three knockout games against unprepared cruel enemies showed us Paul’s power, but it is difficult to measure more.Social media influencer AnEsonGib, retired NBA For example, before Paul’s jaw or fuel tank could be accurately challenged (or exposed), defender Nate Robinson and retired mixed martial arts player Ben Askern were finally splashed on the canvas. Woodley’s right hand has always had great power, and despite his age and a series of puzzling lifeless failures that led him to withdraw from MMA, it is still explosive. Compared with other elites in Bellator MMA, ONE Championship and UFC station, Askeren has amazing strength, which can almost make up for it. Woodley performed well in the sport of his choice with both hands. Unlike Logan Paul, who seems happy to control the traditional boxing guard by taking part-time job as a big payday, Jack Paul wants to be taken seriously by the aforementioned groups, and defeating Woodley will bring him closer to his previous victory than anyone else. Was teased.

3. If Paul loses badly, the bubble may burst

This sounds like too much pressure on a person in a fight, but it is difficult to refute Paul’s idea of ​​becoming the current celebrity boxing spokesperson. According to reports, he attracted more than 1 million purchases in the Triller PPV main event with Askren, which seems to have even surpassed his brother, becoming a real lightning rod for the boxing genre. At the Mayweather-Paul press conference, Jack stole Mayweather’s hat and caused a near-turbulent whole “hat” fiasco as proof. If Paul continues to win while creating entertainment, then the potential big-name opponents competing for him will only become bigger and more profitable. In many ways, Paul has the potential to become a sensation similar to what Kimbo Slice meant for MMA more than a decade ago. Like Slice, Paul can fight a little battle. This hint of legitimacy is perfectly combined with his weird and destructive character, creating a polarized market where those who cheer for him can connect with his rebellious ways. Get up and pray for his death, so they can prove that he is by no means legal. Either way, both parties will watch and are willing to pay for it. Paul summoned everyone from Connor McGregor to Canelo Alvarez. In order for him to get there, he needs to continue to win. For this genre, there is a chance to stay for a period of time, and the serious loss of its biggest name may have a disastrous effect on the momentum that is being built.

4. Like Paul, Woodley is preparing with all the right people

Just like the Paul brothers, they established a reputable camp in Puerto Rico by hiring experienced coaches and sparring partners, creating an atmosphere that gave them the best chance of success. Woodley has taken strong measures. To ease his transition. He mainly works in the gym of Cuban boxing coach Pedro Diaz in Miami. Pedro Diaz is a defensive and technical expert. He previously worked in Miguel Cotto and Ji The corners of star fighters such as Liermo Rigondo have achieved great success. But Woodley accepted Mayweather’s public offer during the training camp and worked with him in Las Vegas, which made even greater headlines. Although it is difficult to expect an overnight change, Woodley may have done worse in terms of the type of coach he is looking for. It is worth mentioning that the video clips of him training with the two make people feel that Woodley will not look like a novice when he enters his professional debut.

5. Tommy Fury’s hole card round may be an attempt at future opportunities

The 22-year-old heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was a half-parent in the four support games below the main event of the PPV main card on Sunday. Known as “TNT” Tommy Fury is sometimes a professional boxer, as a light heavyweight player, his record is 6-0, there are four knockouts. But since he was the runner-up in the 5th season of “Love Island” in 2019, he is known as a reality TV star in his hometown of England. Like Paul, Fury has proven that he can play a little bit, but he is still far from the finished product. He will be paired with Anthony Taylor, a mixed martial arts player who has competed under Bellator and trained with Paul in Puerto Rico. Fury’s position on the card should attract a lot of attention, especially from overseas. If both people win this weekend, it is not rocket science to assume that they can meet in the near future.

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