Thanks to ISL, India has become a huge football market: Al-Khater, CEO of Qatar 2022

Qatar 2022 CEO Nasser Al-Khater said on Thursday that because of the Indian Premier League (ISL), Indian sports fans are slowly looking beyond cricket and are becoming interested in football.

“With the advent of the World Cup, India has become a huge football market [Indian] Super League. They are more interested in cricket, but now they are more and more interested in football,” Hartle told the media.

Al-Khater is also the Assistant Secretary-General for Event Operations of the Supreme Council of Delivery and Heritage. He believes that this West Asian country will see a large influx from India during the FIFA World Cup next year.

“It is difficult to determine how many people will participate in the World Cup from India. But after participating in the 2017 U-17 World Cup and seeing the popularity of football among the people there, I can assure you that the interest will be huge. “He said.

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Qatar-since it won the right to host the four-year exhibition on December 2, 2010-has been criticized by multiple media organizations and human rights organizations due to its limited football history, expenditures, local climate, homosexual convictions, and labor laws. attack.

However, Al-Khater believes that this country is often treated unfairly. He said: “Yes (I think Qatar is sometimes easy to be a target. As the first country to host the World Cup in the Middle East, it is easy to complain that it is too small and lacks football history. But we have also seen advantages in small countries like ours. Host WC. They said that Qatar has no history of football, which is not true.

“However, we do need to answer these questions, because it is our duty and job to clarify misunderstandings. It is also important for us to acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done in certain areas, and to ensure that what is correct at the same time. Media reports The situation is true.”

Qatar has not yet decided on its plan to allow entry of football players who have refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are working closely with FIFA and monitoring the situation around the world with regard to COVID. Over time, we have seen vaccinated travelers feel more comfortable. Vaccination programs around the world are progressing faster. Many more Many vaccines are also being approved. However, there is no clear answer yet. We have to see what the world will look like a year from now,” he added.

Qatar is expected to have nearly 1.5 million people participating during the game, so it is making some plans for accommodation and fan areas.

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“During the World Cup, you will feel the energy of the fans even more here because they are all concentrated in one place. In terms of accommodation, we have done a lot of research and modeling, and based on the number of people, we can see how many rooms we expect every day. The number of fans. Based on this, we will have a variety of accommodation options.”

“We will have real estate such as hotels and serviced apartments to meet different needs. We will also have floating hotels on cruise ships. There are plans for desert camps… We have been talking about it for a long time. Fans will love it. These experiences,” Al-Khater said.

(The author is in Qatar at the invitation of the Supreme Council of Inheritance)

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