T20 World Cup: T20I, the most watched Indian-Pakistani match, claims the broadcaster

The official broadcaster of the event claimed that the highly anticipated India-Pakistan match at the ongoing 2021 T20 World Cup reached a record 167 million viewers, making it the most watched T20 international event to date.

As of last week, the T20 World Cup has accumulatively reached 238 million people, including the first 12 games of the qualifiers and the Super 12 stage. Star seal Said in a press release.

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The 2016 T20 World Cup semi-final between India and the West Indies was the highest-rated T20 match before, with 136 million viewers.

“On October 24, the highly anticipated India-Pakistan conflict reached 167 million. Two years later, the two major rivals met at the ICC Championship. It is now the most watched T20I game, surpassing the previous highest level-India-West Indies 2016 ICC World T20 semi-finals,” the press release said.

India and Pakistan started their duel on October 24. The Greens defeated their main rivals and achieved 10 victories.

“The India-Pakistan match made history, with 167 million spectators, making it the most watched T20I match to date,” Star seal The spokesperson was quoted as saying.

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“We have been working hard to expand the audience for large-scale cricket. This record is a testament to our efforts in high-decibel sports, enhanced storytelling, specialized regional programming and consumer innovation.”

Although Pakistan has advanced to the semi-finals, India withdrew from the game on Monday.

The spokesperson added: “There is no doubt that the results of this game and India’s withdrawal from the game disappointed fans, but the record ratings show the unique power of cricket to attract audiences on an unprecedented scale.”

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