T20 World Cup: Head coach Lange says Australians can be the best in the world

Australian coach Justin Langer believes that his team can once again become the best team in the world as it prepares to play in the semi-finals with Pakistan in the 2020 World Cup this week.

Lange’s team secured a spot in the last four games on Saturday, and David Warner’s 89 unbeaten shot brought the Australian team to Eight defeats the West Indies Won the second place in the first group of the Super 12 stage of the competition.

“Not long ago, we were the best team in the world, and some cricket shows that we can be the best team in the world,” Lange told reporters.

“I think England is currently in the lead and we have exciting prospects. We have learned a lot from this game about how we continue to play T20 cricket now, for this game, and move on.”

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The Australian made a good start to the game and then suffered eight disastrous defeats against England, which made Aaron Finch’s captain unsure of his position in the knockout round. But the overall victory over Bangladesh and the West Indies puts an end to these doubts, and the Australians are likely to face Pakistan, which will lead the second group in the final match against Scotland on Sunday in the semi-finals on Thursday. .

‘Outstanding Cricket’

“Last night was another wonderful game. I think our recent cricket matches were very good,” Lange said.

“The boys really came forward. It was a thought-provoking experience in the game against England. We knew we had to do some work, and the boys responded very well to it, so I am very happy to be in the semi-finals.

“Unless you make it to the semifinals, you can’t win it. It’s nice to sit here, knowing that we are going to play the semifinals on Thursday.”

Pakistan has always been the dominant force in the first group and has won all four games so far. Lange is looking forward to the game in Dubai. “They have an all-around great team, just like us, and they lead very well,” he said.

“Their captain, Babar Azam, is a superstar in this sport. They have some fast bowlers, and they have a few good ball players, so they are a well-balanced team like us. The team, so this should be a wonderful cricket game.”

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