T20 World Cup: Gael effectively kills time in West Indies’ career

On Saturday, West Indies superstar Chris Gayle admitted: “I would love to play another World Cup. But I don’t think they will allow me.”

The 42-year-old self-styled “universe boss” and his West Indies team lost to Australia by eight wickets in the T20 World Cup. This is the fourth defeat of the defending champion in five games.

Dwayne Bravo, 38 years old, Confirm that he completed the international cricket match, But Gail is not ready to quit with his former captain. “This is an extraordinary career. I didn’t announce my retirement, but they actually gave me a game in Jamaica and made me perform well in front of the audience in my hometown, and then I can say,’Hey guys, thank you very much.’ Let’s see,” said Gail, who made his debut in this format in 2006.

“If not, I will announce it, and then I will join DJ Bravo backstage and thank everyone, but I can’t say it yet.”

West Indies captain Kieron Pollard lamented “the end of a generation”.

“We have some people doing good deeds for T20 cricket on our team and around the world. We are very proud as people,” Pollard said, his team has been eliminated from the semi-final reorganization.

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Both Bravo and Gayle won the honor guard of the Australian players. “DJ (Bravo) has always been the benchmark for all players, Chris, he is someone I admire,” said David Warner, the Australian opener, who scored an unbeaten 89 on Saturday.

Bravo and Gayle were key figures in the 2012 and 2016 T20 World Cup victories in the West Indies, and their strength has diminished.

In the UAE, Bravo ran a total of 26 times and only got two wickets in five games. Gail ran 45 times and hit a wicket with his external spin. This was the second and last Australian wicket to fall on Saturday, the one of Mitchell Marsh.

‘A lot of struggle’

Even before the start of the World Cup, Gael’s position in the team caused controversy in the Caribbean. In the past five years, he has played only one T20 international for half a century. Compared with the muscular big shot he showed in the 2007 South Africa Championship, he has a long way to go. He scored 117 points in the Johannesburg match against the host, which was the first century in the World Cup. ball.

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On Saturday, Gail received applause both inside and outside the Abu Dhabi stadium. After he briefly stayed at the wicket and shot two 6 shots, he scored 15 points and 9 goals. He raised the bat to the crowd, was hugged by all his teammates, and then pleased the fans by signing countless items and shirts.

In the game point paradox in this episode, Ayan Acharya and Amol Karhadkar reviewed the latest news of the T20 World Cup and other major updates in the cricket world over the past week.

Gale will enter international retirement with 7,214 times in 103 tests, with a score of 333. He is one of the selected batsmen to score two triple-century points in the test with Don Bradman, Brian Lara and Villend Sevag.

In 301 ODIs, he completed 10,480 runs, and will end his T20 career with 1,899 times and two centuries of results.

“I have been through a lot of struggles,” Gale said. “But my career is outstanding. I want to thank me for standing here today. I am still strong at 42. I shed blood, I shed tears in the West Indies cricket match, you can tell, one leg, one One hand.”

He added: “It’s really painful when we lose the game and we don’t get the result. I feel guts for the fans, especially this World Cup.”

Bravo confirmed that he withdrew from international competitions during his career. He scored 2,200 runs and 86 wickets in 40 test matches and brought him 2,968 runs and 199 wickets in ODI. . In the T20 International, he completed 1,245 runs and 78 wickets before Saturday’s game, where he only ran 10 times and did not appear wickets in his four matches.

“Dwayne is a pioneer in T20 cricket and has set the standard for the latest game format,” said Ricky Skerritt, chairman of cricket West Indies.

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