T20 World Cup: Afghanistan feels uncomfortable with Ashwin’s “backflip”-Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar believes that in the Super 12 match held in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, Afghanistan did not respond to R. Ashwin’s “backflip” on Wednesday.

Ashwin stood out from four games with 14 shots of 2 and is one of the architects of the Indian team. 66 consecutive victories Against Afghanistan, this makes its chances of reaching the semi-finals very slim.

“Speaking of our bowling ball, we saw Ashwin after a long time and he did a great job,” Tendulka said Facebook.

“Ashwin’s variant ball, the’backflip’, if you see the seam of the ball, it is sliding towards the leg. The ball developed by Ashwin in the net may not be obtained by anyone. This is Ah Shwin eventually played four bowling rounds, but did not acknowledge any boundary in these four rounds.

“The batsman needs to practice for this kind of delivery. I can tell you that the Afghan batsman is uncomfortable with Ashwin.”

Key position

Tendulkar stated that the partnership between Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant is crucial.

“The partnership between Hardik and Pant is very good. In the past 3.3 games, India has scored 63 points and hit 300. This actually changed the rules of the game for me because it was 195 points. And 210 points. The greater the difference between victory, the better for us. This is crucial for the Indian team.”

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As one of the greatest players, Tendulkar likes the way the opening duo of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul completed their tasks in their 140 games. “Rohit and Rahul’s batting style is very good. Afghanistan started with the spinners on both ends wrong. I know (Mohammad) Nabi started bowling, but today’s wicket is a bit of grass and it’s difficult, so The ball is hitting the bat.

“In this case, I would say that the sealer is bowling in front, using the hardness of the seam, and then a little bit may fall off the surface.”

“Aggressive” running

Rohit hit 74 of 47 goals with 8 four-pointers and three six-pointers, while Rahul hit 69 of 48 pitches, hitting six boundaries and two maximums. “I really like the way Rohit hits the ball is the way he plays with the outside player Nabi. Rohit showed his experience, he didn’t try to cross the line, he showed the whole picture of the bat from the inside out. KL Rahul’s situation The same is true, he is very calm and composed, as long as he has the opportunity to shoot some beautiful shots.

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“Their running between the wickets is very aggressive. In the first six games, when the batsmen considered six-a-side and four-a-side, many times they missed the singles, but this is not the case today. Even though. In the circle, when the ball is hit in the middle and the middle, they are also playing fast singles. I like this method.”

Expensive Rashid

He was impressed by the way Afghan fast bowler Hamid Hassan pitched during Powerplay.

“I will give Hamid full marks in the first six games. He only scored six points in two games. When batters like Rahul and Rohit want to hit the ball, it takes extra effort to play only 6 times. His bonus point is that his bowling ball is fast, straight and full, so when your bowling ball is full, it becomes difficult to get a height suitable for the batter by being behind the ball. He has been successfully playing for those excellent Yorkers bowling.

“When their main pitcher, Rasheed (Khan), came on the court, our batsman put pressure on him by taking singles and attacking him with four-pointers and six-pointers. How many times have we seen Rasheed Ran 36 times in four innings without scoring? This is very rare. It’s just because India’s shots are particularly good.”

After defeating Pakistan and New Zealand, India’s victory kept the prospect of reaching the semi-finals.

“All in all, we need such a huge victory. The way we play and finish the game is excellent. Good job,” Tendulkar signed.

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