Shane Warne: Virat Kohli is an excellent leader who inspires his teammates

Legendary Shane Warne said on Monday that Virat Kohli was an “inspirational leader” in his own right and that without his passion for the traditional form of the game, Test cricket would have lost its popularity in some other countries.

Kohli recently resigned as Test captain after his side’s 1-2 win against a weak South African side, but for the leg-spinning wizards, Kohli’s biggest contribution has been at the top of being the toughest form of cricket. flag bearer.

“Virat is a very good leader and he inspires his team-mates. I think tactically he can improve, but as a leader, I think he has been inspiring his team-mates,” Vaughan had an exclusive interaction at PTI’s one while promoting his documentary “Shane.”

For Warne, Kohli’s way of promoting the cricket test has greatly increased the former India captain’s respect.


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“First of all, I have the utmost respect for Virat Kohli. I think he is an amazing cricketer and a great ambassador of the game. I think we should all thank Virat Kohli and the BCCI for pushing Test cricket as it has no 1 format, ‘ said the holder of the 709 Test wicket.

The Australian great believes that if Kohli and the Cricket Board of India are not determined to preserve the sanctity of the Tests, some other countries will lose interest in this era of the T20 league.

“If you want to test yourself in cricket, it’s test cricket. Testing is the hardest form in our sport. If India and Virat Kohli don’t focus on test cricket, many other countries may already be Exited, but with Virat, he really pushed the Test cricket.

Vaughan said: “I’m very grateful to Virat and the BCCI for the way he played well in the game.”

In the documentary, Vaughan is overwhelmed by the responses he has received so far.

“I’m very proud of it, I’m blown away by the feedback. People love it, they’re inspired by it, so for me it’s like I’ve been in the public eye for over 30 years. So touch some retrospectives that happened 30 years ago things, in retrospect, it was very interesting,” Warne added.

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