SA vs IND test series: How did the Indian team lose to the Rangers?

The loss in the Rangers is a shock to those who believe that the transitional Protea team may be overthrown by India to achieve a historic first test series victory on South African soil.

The series now leads 1-1 before the high-stakes tiebreaker in Cape Town on January 11.

There are several reasons for the Indian team’s frustration, but the main reason is that its high-level bowling failed on a cracked circuit.

To be honest, 240 is already a very impressive score on this turf. All the bowler has to do is to hit the ball consistently. If Glenn McGrath, Curtly Ambrose, or even further, Brian Statham, all the sealers known for their control and accuracy were present, South Africa would not get 150 on this surface.

Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami played excellent bowling the next morning without luck, but they were listless in South Africa’s second game.

They overthrow the ball, the pitch is short and wide, and the ball is dropped on the sides of the court to run.

They should control the batsman at the beginning of the second inning to build pressure, but instead let Aiden Markram make a series of shots to power South Africa in the chase.

Dean Elgar persevered to the end and organized the chase, and the next person Keegan Petersen was an excellent batsman, his hitting ability and timing were impressive profound. Bumrah and Shami were unable to maintain the correct length on this track.


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The speed duo must aim for an area only a distance from the area where the ball violently rises from the crack.

And Bumrah and Shami must make the ball bounce on the right shoulder of the batter, open the batter and let them block the delivery, instead of bringing them to the body.


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For Bumrah, this didn’t mean much. On the surface, he completed it with a matching number of 119. When India needs them, it lacks sophisticated delivery.

Only Shardul Thakur had a wonderful bowling in the first game, tie-breaking votes, and hit the ball regularly, but for some strange reason, he was introduced late on the decisive fourth day.

With the tenacious Elgar, South Africa was able to establish a partnership. Even a person who lacks self-confidence like Lacy Van der Dusen has grown in stature and can shoot from both sides.

The Indians leaked the operation, but couldn’t stop the traffic. You can’t set the court to be a bad and willful bowling ball.

And R. Ashwin must defeat India in the SENA country [South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia] Considered to be a truly great spinner.

India should run at least 50 more times after choosing to hit the ball, and Rishabh Pant was hit by the Kagiso Rabada weightlifter on the helmet grill and was angered by Van der Dusen from his short legs, should not lose it and die wildly giving up next time delivery.

However, the bowler’s money stopped. You hope this Indian team’s offense can defend 240 people on this court against the South African lineup. Even if the Indian bowler has a plan, the execution is very ordinary.

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