Ravi Shastri: Sooner or later the bubble will burst

Ravi Shastri, the outgoing head coach of India, issued an indirect warning to the cricket manager about workload management.

After completing his last task, the T20 World Cup, a few minutes later, he said: “You spent six months in the bubble…Many players on this team play these three formats. In the past 24 months, they have been going home for 25 days. I don’t care who you are, if your name is (Don) Bradman, if you are also in a bubble, your average will drop because You are human.”

“It’s not something you just add gasoline and expect that person to speed ahead. It won’t happen like that. That’s why I said that in life, what matters is not what you accomplish, but what you overcome. This is the team What they did. They have shown the motivation to stay there without complaining. But sooner or later the bubble will burst, so you have to be careful.”

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As the suspended Indian Super League was squeezed between the England Tour and the World Cup, the Indian team hardly trained for the World Cup for a week. When asked if it was impractical to prioritize the World Championship over IPL from the administrator’s perspective, Shastri played solidly. “First of all, this is not my job. This is a business for the managers, not only from India, but others around the world will also pay attention to it before major tournaments to ensure that there is a little gap so that the players are refreshed and ready for the game,” Xia Sterry said.

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During his tenure, the former Indian captain reiterated that India has become the “best team ever” in the history of Indian cricket. He has no doubt that players can now raise their hands to seek a rest and come back to fight for their position in the team. “Communication is free. We have managed players, especially in terms of training methods and everything. One thing, we never lack communication,” he said.

“Everyone can speak freely. No one is treated as a junior. There are no seniors and younger generations on this side. Everyone has the freedom of expression.”

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