Rafik received an apology from England for racism

On Monday, the club’s new president praised cricketer Azeem Rafiq for his bravery in reporting on racism and bullying in Yorkshire.

The county has been widely criticized for handling the scandal and has lost its sponsors and the right to host the English International Games in Hydelinley.

“Azeem is a whistleblower and deserves to be praised, and he should not go through this situation,” said New York County Chairman Kamlesh Patel.

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“We are sorry for what you and your family have experienced and how we handled it.

“I thank Azeem for his brave comments. Let me make it clear from the beginning that any form of racism or discrimination is not a joke.”

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Patel mentioned the “joke” after the word was used in the county’s report on Rafic’s allegations.

According to reports, a teammate repeatedly used derogatory defamation against Rafik, referring to his Pakistani descent, but due to friendly exchanges between the players, this accusation was not supported.

“What I have seen so far does make me uncomfortable,” Patel said of the investigation. This makes me feel that the process is not as complete as it should be. “

Rafik, the former England under-19 captain, said in an interview last year that as a Muslim, he had spent his “outlier” in Yorkshire since 2008, and he almost ended his life.

Patel said that Yorkshire has reached a settlement with Rafik in the employment court case.

Patel said: “There is absolutely no restriction on what Azeem can or cannot say about his experience. The settlement does not involve a confidentiality agreement.”

Patel said he also commissioned an independent expert review of the county’s diversity and inclusion processes and procedures.

He said he had talked to the England and Wales Cricket Committee about resuming international cricket at his stadium, but Yorkshire must “solve the root cause of the suspension”.

Patel stated that he would release the report to those with “legitimate interests,” rather than simply releasing it.

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