Ponting questioned England’s decision to choose Vaux over Wood


Former Australia captain Rich Ponting questioned England’s decision to choose Chris Vaux before the second Ash Test at the Adelaide Oval.

Vaux won a wicket in the first inning of 23.4 innings. In 23.4 innings, Australia took control of the test. The home team hopes to build on the first victory of the Brisbane series.

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Ponting said that the impact of Walkers on Wood in the first Test had a negative impact on the impact of England all-around player Ben Stokes.

Ponting told cricket.com.au, “In my opinion, Stokes seems to have been given a job, running in one by one with bodyguards.”

“When he finally got the chance to pitch and pitch the new batsman, he passed the second ball to (Cameron) Green.

“Vox is invalid again-I don’t know why they bother to pick him when Adelaide has Wood.

“For me, Wood would bring more changes to their offense, and then Stokes could have pitched and pitched like a normal seam, which is what he is good at, and Wood could have played Stoke The role of Si.”

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Ponting criticized the limited approach taken by England captain Joe Root and his bowling offense.

“Except for the short-ball plan executed by Stokes (day one), England doesn’t seem to have much plan after that,” Ponting said.

“It was rushed in and hit a circle, waiting for the Australians to make a mistake.

“Well, when you bowl with two of the world’s top three batsmen, they won’t make a mistake. You have to figure out a way to get them out and change the status quo.”

Australia reached 473-9 before the announcement of the first game, and England responded 17-2 at the end of the second day.


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