Peng Shuai situation: ATP failed to postpone the match held in China due to safety issues

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ATP is the governing body of men’s professional tennis and faces criticism for not following the rules. Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) leads and suspends matches in China. WTA did this in response to the treatment of Chinese player Peng Shuai.

The WTA said on Wednesday that it is concerned that if the game is held in China as scheduled, it will pose risks to the players and staff-so it concluded that it will suspend the game there indefinitely. However, the ATP stated that it believes that “having a global presence provides us with the best opportunity to make an impact.”

“The situation involving Peng Shuai continues to cause serious concerns both inside and outside of our sport,” According to ESPN, ATP Chairman Andrea Gordonzi said on Thursday“So far, the response to these concerns has not been enough. We once again urge open and direct communication between the player and the WTA in order to understand her situation more clearly.”

Two famous tennis figures openly opposed the ATP’s current position on Peng’s situation.

18-time Grand Slam winner Martina Navratilova wrote on Twitter: “Do we understand that if the player is a male, the ATP will make the same statement? Somehow, I I don’t think so.”

Andy Roddick, who was once named the world’s top men’s tennis player, The statement that says ATP shows, “How to say a lot, say nothing.”

After Peng Shuai accused a senior Chinese official of sexual assault on November 2, he was concerned about Peng Shuai’s safety. Then disappeared from public sight for three weeks.

Although it is said that the International Olympic Committee recently had a conversation with Peng through a video call, the WTA still “seriously doubted” her “freedom” and “safety” in China.

“Although we now know where Peng is, I seriously doubt whether she is free, safe and free from censorship, coercion and intimidation.” WTA CEO Steve Simon wrote in a statement“The WTA has made it clear what is needed here, and we once again call for a full and transparent investigation of Peng Shuai’s allegations of sexual assault-no review.

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