NFL Super Wild Card Weekend predictions, plus Novak Djokovic faces another Australian deportation

Happy Friday, sports fans! We are approaching a sports weekend.

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National Football League fans everywhere

rejoice! Super Wild Card Weekend is here!Of course this means Pete Prisco’s Choice Also here.I was impressed with two races this weekend, the first being patriot exist bill (Saturday, 8:15pm on CBS and Paramount+). Here’s what Prisco thinks:

  • Prisco: β€œNew England won their first meeting in a storm in early December, while the Bills dominated the Pats in their place in late December. Cold, but not as windy, is expected. this means Josh Allen There can be successful throwing of soccer balls.The Patriots are not the same team on the road, especially at quarterbacks Mike Jones. Look for Bill to take the run away and dare to beat them. ……He will not. pick: Bill 30, Patriots 17

I agree with this choice.I am also keen 49 people exist cowboy (Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on CBS and Paramount+). Here’s Prisco’s take:

  • Prisco: “The 49ers are a team no one wants to see in the playoffs. They’re made for the run. … Dallas’ offense is back on track. eagles‘ JV last week, but it’s a tougher challenge because the 49ers defense ram. . . I think it’s the unease of the week. Pick: 24 49ers, 23 Cowboys

I have Dallas going forward here, but everyone has theirs!we still have bold prediction From NFL expert Cody Benjamin and game picks Taylor Sullivan and John Bridge Prepares you for all the action.Below is the full text NFL schedule Weekends (and Mondays):



on Monday

Honorable Mention

  • This Bucks led warrior 77-38 at halftime — the Warriors’ biggest halftime deficit since moving to California — to win 118-99. Giannis Antetokounmpo dominates.

Instead of such a good morning…

David Cooley

David Cali named Texans head coach. This Texans A 4-13 finish in 2021 is a remarkable overachiever.Cooley was thrown into the fire, the team lacked talent in many positions and the situation around was very difficult Deshaun Watson – I might add that he handled it well.

Most importantly, I was impressed that the Texans didn’t give up.

  • In week 18, there is nothing to play, Houston rivals AFC No. 1 seed titan to the end, and eventually lost 28-25.
  • Davis Mills, a third-round rookie, threw three touchdowns throughout the season and exceeded expectations by a wide margin.
  • Culley explicitly established a A good culture for an organization that absolutely needs it, above all else. listen to him After the season is over. Still, it’s hard to imagine Cooley being retained even with a few more wins.he was doomed, and he deserves better, NFL analyst Adam Schein said yesterday on CBS Sports Network.

The Texans are now one of eight teams looking for a head coach this offseason, NFL reporter Tyler Sullivan has said. list of potential candidates. The problem, as Houston might find out, is that it’s not a particularly attractive job.

Houston was years away from competing, and Cooley laid the much-needed foundation for this downtrodden team. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to continue building it.

not so honorable mention

  • Novak Djokovic Faced with deportation from Australia again. The government revoked his visa for the second time And, while it’s unclear whether he will be deported, the tennis star’s legal team will challenge the decision. Djokovic’s status in the tournament has been up in the air since the Australian government investigated why organizers exempted him from the COVID-19 vaccine.Now his chances of playing are really dangerous Because his first game is scheduled for Monday.

What did the Knicks get with Cam Reddish? πŸ€

Getty Images

the first four weeks NBA At the trade deadline, we got our first big trade of the season.the eagles are Send Cam Reddish to the Knicks for Kevin Knox and a protected 2022 draft pick.Atlanta is also included Mount Solomon And a 2025 second-round pick in the trade.

red is the focus here. The 2019 No. 10 pick has been inconsistent throughout his career, but he’s only 22 years old. Given the potential we sometimes see, The Knicks get a solid B+ Our NBA expert James Herbert’s trade rating:

  • Herbert: Some say it should be an A+. If you think Reddish has a good chance of being a star, then trading a “first-round pick” that will likely turn into two second-round picks for him is a robbery. … If you’re a red optimist, you can point to his scoring burst. … Reddish went 8 for 13 and scored 33 points against the Chicago Bulls A few days after Christmas.Five days before that, he was out of class Against the Orlando Magic, 34 points in 42 minutes.

For Knicks fans, it’s important to know what they got — and what they are no Get – here.reddish Yes A solid shooter who has hit 42 percent from the field this season (a very respectable number) and a capable defender.he no A person who creates his own shots or creates shots for others. This season, Reddish has:

  • 28% 3-point shooting percentage
  • Pull-up 2 seconds hit rate 30%
  • 30% from mid-range
  • 57% from the rim
  • More turnovers per game (1.3) than assists per game (1.1)

Given that the Knicks have players who can handle the ball well Julius Randall, Derrick Ross with Reddish’s former Duke teammate RJ Barrett, Reddish shouldn’t be asked to do much creation. If he is, that’s a bad sign.

The second part of the deal — the one that’s especially important for the Eagles — is Long-term outlook, as our NBA scribe Brad Botkin explains:

  • Botkin: “Reddish will help this team immediately. He can help more in the future. But Can is the operational term here. Reddish is eligible for a rookie extension this summer, and if he doesn’t sign, he will become a restricted free agent in 2023. This is also an important reason for the Eagles to reach this deal. Yes, they have solid young wings and Reddish’s departure makes the team less crowded, but that’s more of a play on another trade. “

Whether or not Reddish stays in the Big Apple for a long time, it’s a good move.

Here are the results of the NFL playoffs… 🀯

This looks to be our most open NFL playoff game in a while.AFC Champions League No Dominant Team – No. 1 Seed titan Has the sixth-best spread in the conference – top seed in the NFC packing worker 5th in this category. According to Caesars Sportsbook, six teams have odds of 10-1 or less to win it all.

Luckily, we have NFL guru Jordan Dajani to sort it out and tell us how everything will develop. I won’t give up but I will tell you I agree with his Super Bowl pick.

What are we watching this weekend πŸ“Ί


πŸ€ bulls warriors, 7:30 PM on ESPN
πŸ€ Grizzlies’ Mavericks, 10 p.m. on ESPN


πŸ€ No. 22 Tennessee, No. 18 Kentucky, ESPN 1 p.m.
πŸ€ Duke University of North Carolina ranked #8, at 2pm on ABC
🏈 Tiger Raider, 4:30 PM on NBC
🏈 Bill’s Patriots, at 8:15 p.m. on CBS and Paramount+


🏈 Eagles at Buccaneers, at 1 p.m. on FOX
πŸ€ No. 19 Kentucky, No. 5 Tennessee, ESPN 3 p.m.
🏈 49ers of the Cowboys, at 4:30 p.m. on CBS, Nickelodeon and Paramount+
πŸ€ Michigan No. 11, Maryland No. 8, ESPN 5 p.m.
🏈 steelers of the chiefs, 8:15 PM on NBC

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