Matt Riddle talks about the record-breaking SummerSlam, the evolution of RK-Bro and his journey from UFC to WWE

Matt Riddle’s journey to become a WWE superstar has always felt unlikely, transitioning from an ugly ending to his UFC career, after failing multiple cannabis drug tests, to wrestling as an independent The breakthrough of the hand, and finally to WWE. At SummerSlam, this journey reached another milestone when Riddle and his RK-Bro partner Randy Orton won the Raw Tag Team Championship.

This title is Riddell’s second title on the WWE main roster, having previously won the American title in WrestleMania. Even in the earlier championship battle, the cooperation with Orton helped Riddle break through to a new star level, and his storyline can become an important part of the WWE show.

“I feel good, you know,” Riddle told CBS Sports. “What I feel better is that it happened in front of the 51,000 people of SummerSlam, breaking the record for merchandise and all other aspects. Not only did I become the Raw Tag Team champion, but I was with my best brother and my best friend. I did it, my stallion partner Randy Orton. It was an amazing journey for me. SummerSlam, along with everyone and merchandise, is full of RK-Bro shirts. It’s crazy. , Brother. It’s great. It’s disgusting. It’s cool.”

Riddle and Orton follow the long tradition of the “strange couple” doubles team in WWE, and their two very different partners form a perfect team in some way. The combination of Riddle’s ruthless optimism and Orton’s ruggedness and aggressiveness reminiscent of classic doubles teams such as rock and humans.

The team’s idea originated from a random joke by Riddle, which came to fruition when neither of them had any other storyline obligations.

“A few weeks before WrestleMania, I made a joke and said,’If I teamed up with Randy and called myself RK-Bro, that would be great,'” Riddle said. “The screenwriter and everyone laughed at me. Sometimes you just need to plant that seed and eventually it will happen. I lost the American championship in wrestling mania and Randy defeated the demon, so we have finished our specific story. , And found each other a bit. I think it shouldn’t be what it is today, but we are all working hard. We all want to work together, and in the end two people are passionate about something, it’s really hard to tell them no.

“For strange couple dynamics, I look at it this way. In real life, relationships are like this. They are usually not two exactly the same people. Most tag teams are,’Oh, we are two people, we’ are exactly the same , We do the same thing, we are a team. Well, in my reality, most teams, couples, or groups are filling in the gaps for each other. I think Randy and I are so different but so similar that we can fill in The gaps between each other. No matter what I lack, he will fill in what he lacks, and I will fill in what is missing. Together, it is a perfect combination.”

Riddle’s UFC career ended in 2013. He has won four consecutive games, but after Riddle’s drug test failed, two games were overturned as no games. Riddle was a legal medical marijuana prescription drug at the time, but the drug was still banned by the Sports Commission. When Riddle was released, UFC Chairman Dana White stated that Riddle was released because he was an “idiot” by continuing to smoke marijuana.

Once Riddle transitioned to professional wrestling and quickly became a star in the booming independent wrestling world at the time, many fans believed that his lifestyle would prevent him from participating in WWE, worrying that Riddle would violate the company’s “health policy.” On the contrary, both in WWE’s NXT brand and as a member of the Raw roster, Riddle thrived.

“For me, this is one of the feelings that people want me to change myself, change myself, behave in a certain way, and dress in a certain way for a long time,” Riddle said. “I could have done this, and I did meet the requirements here and there. But at the end of the day, I will either be happy and be myself, or I will try to make others happy. To be honest, I no longer care that day What other people want from me and focus on myself and my happiness is the day I become super successful and get where I want to go.

“For me, it’s difficult because I was fired and punished by the UFC because of my lifestyle. I have a lot of people who stop talking to me, like,’Oh, you are a loser. You are fired.’ This It’s cruel, but to me, it’s like a filter. I tend to deal with certain things and filter out certain people. Some people I think we’re cool. This is in the UFC and my lifestyle and everything Happened. Now, in order to see the merchandise flying off the shelves in front of the 51,000 people in SummerSlam-when I walked to the merchandise table, I couldn’t even get my shirts or hats because they were already sold out? . I know this is my hard work, I did not give up on myself, I believe I will not let people tell me what to do. People say,’You are wrong. You are wrong.’ No, I’m not wrong. I’m right Yes, and you are wrong in trying to tell me how to live my life.

“Now, I live my life the way I want, and continue to live my life the way I want. Now, I’m in the lead in this game. Be yourself and everything will come in time. Yes. For me, that’s it. It’s a trial and a journey, and sometimes I think I should change myself, but I will be painful. The more I am myself, the more people like me and resonate with me. Feeling ” Even if I was fired by the UFC, or I didn’t get a job early in my career, it was great to be able to stay true to myself. The juice is worth a try. I proved that I was right. “

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