Logan Paul was not afraid or worried about embarrassment in the show showdown with Floyd Mayweather


With almost arrogant confidence and a devilish smile, there is no doubt that Logan Paul brought quite a lot of danger to Sunday’s game. Showtime PPV exhibition fightHowever, it is not yet certain whether the YouTube star will eventually pose a greater danger to his opponent, the retired pound-to-pound King Floyd Mayweather, or himself.

Paul (0-1), the 26-year-old social media influencer and podcaster, has more than 28 million subscribers and 6 billion views on YouTube since 2007. He did not sign up for a boxing match, so he is very Few people give him a chance to win a snowball in hell, perhaps the kind of reward most likely to pursue in his position.

Money and reputation? Forget about it. Paul can already claim to have a lifetime share of the two. So, his younger brother, 24-year-old Jack Paul (3-0, 3 KO) publicly stated that his motivation is the respect of the traditional boxing world as a “real” boxer? “Maverick”, although he believes that if the Paul brothers continue to win, the latter is inevitable, he seems to care less about the reality of obtaining it.

“This is a good question, why? Why should I do such a thing?” Paul told CBS Sports during training camp in Puerto Rico last week. “Yes, I’m crazy. Life is short [and] I got one. I have a ship ready to fight, and I work hard like shit. So when I had the opportunity to take everything from Freud, I said,’Yes, let’s do this. ‘”

Paul could hardly finish a sentence, and inevitably turned the car into the ditch waiting for the old joke. This is part of the charm-depending on your tolerance for comedy or entertainment preferences-to help him consistently become a viral force on the Internet, whether for good or bad reasons (see his 2017 in Japan The suicide forest controversy).

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But like his brother Jack, he announced on Tuesday that he wanted to make his Own Showtime PPV boxing debut in August In the game against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, Logan claimed to be a troll. He seemed to regard the unlikely development of boxing Mayweather as a more dangerous Internet gimmick. And this kind of gimmick is too big to miss.

In a way, this is a modern evolution of the “Jackass” crew of Evel Knievel and Johnny Knoxville, just mixing the spirit of the MTV “Punk’d” series. As it happens, the former high school football and wrestling star who is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs nearly 200 pounds (he gave up his full academic scholarship to study industrial engineering at Ohio University to do what he claims to do on this earth-entertainment) in When standing across from Mayweather’s first grandfather, the physical threat was great enough that the general public might not be able to convince themselves to come up with enough cash to see the ending of the movie.

“You are witnessing the greatest work in history,” Paul said. “Why does Floyd Mayweather want to play with me? He has everything to lose. You are defeated. You are defeated, Freud. Imagine I beat him for a second. I can’t It would be a pity not to imagine participating in this battle.”

On the one hand, compared with the physical advantage of the West Lakers in Ohio, Paul has no fear at all to make him more dangerous to Mayweather. Paul will enter the ring at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida this weekend. He is 6 inches taller and 4 inches longer within reach. This does not even take into account Paul’s 18-year-old age advantage, or the fact that he may be 50 pounds heavier than Mayweather. Mayweather has never exceeded 151.5 pounds in a professional game, nor has he faced anyone over 154 pounds. .

“[This fight] It’s a circus, but honestly, I wasn’t in the beginning. I really treat this as a respectful exhibition,” Paul said. “I want to acknowledge Freud’s career path and everything he has achieved. I tried to show respect, and then my brother picked up his hat, [Mayweather] Saying he is going to kill Jack, I will not take it lightly.

“It became very personal. As he talked about online, he thought he could control this fight with T. Freud needed 44 years of life to humble him.”

So what opportunity does Paul give himself? He claimed that there is no statistic or percentage that can accurately describe this. One year after the two were tied under the amateur rules, he lost his only professional game in a rematch with fellow YouTube user Olajide “KSI” Olatunji in 2019.

Paul likes the fact that publicly released boxing videos about him rarely show any level of high level talent. Under the supervision of Milton Lacroix, most boxing experts respect Paul’s chiseled abs and commitment to training, who led Shannon Briggs in 2006. Won the heavyweight championship. However, it is difficult to take three years of training seriously and Mayweather seems to be still capable of the huge weight advantage.

For all intents and purposes, Mayweather withdrew from traditional boxing in 2015 after defeating Manny Pacquiao and Andre Berto. But the boxer, aptly called “money”, once occupied a place in the four largest PPV matches in boxing history. He literally and easily prevented former UFC champion Connor in the last professional match in 2017. McGregor then defeated the much smaller Japanese taekwondo player Nasakawa Tenshin Nasakawa in a one-year exhibition match.

“Freud is getting older and slower. He will try to make himself more sleek, but if he does what I think he does, he will spend a long night,” Lacroix said . “My thinking is that he will quit in the sixth round. If Logan does what he should do, Freud will find a way to get rid of that ring. One thing a big man does against a small one is A chance to punch. You can’t doubt that a punch can change the whole result of a fight. It’s just that Logan can’t let Freud into his mind. He only needs to use the skills I gave him, namely transcendence and outbox Elegant boxer.

Paul lost to KSI’s only professional game in 2019.

Match Room Boxing

“A lot of people came to the camp with the same intention,’I’m going to show this guy something and give him a beat.’ But many of them walked out there with their heads between their legs, wondering what just happened. What happened.”

Although Paul and Lacroix’s confidence is commendable, in fact, they are all talking about defeating Mayweather, rather than trying to brutally treat faster fighters. Lacroix claims that Paul’s jab evolves so fast that it is better than the jab of former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes.

“I will not make it ugly-this will be the cleanest boxing show you will ever see,” Paul said. “I think Freud will go through two stages in this battle. First, realize that he may be in his head. Realize that the child standing opposite him is not a fake fighter, not just a YouTuber and He has been doing shit for a while. Then when he realized that he might need to work harder than he thought and he didn’t get the results he thought he would get, that’s when he was desperate. I want to be Flo When Ide was desperate, I could tell from his face that he was bankrupt. This is when I caught him. I think that is when he is going to lose.”

Did Paul’s delusion of three years of training make him a threat to himself in the fight against Mayweather? Or do he and his coach know something the public does not know about how the battle will go on Sunday?

Paul often reiterated that he has nothing to lose, which seems to be a healthy place to be the bigger boxer assumed in the fight. He also participated in a lot of meditation and visualization of the results-whether good or bad-to help him clear any unnecessary anxiety, because these anxiety are entering such a bright and unfamiliar stage.

“This is called surrender,” Paul said. “I have imagined every positive and every negative thing that could happen in this battle, so that I can be prepared when it happens. This is a battle, and anything can happen. I really don’t Concerned about negative results. I don’t know, I’m going there to do my best, I believe this will lead me to defeat Floyd Mayweather.

“I’m fully equipped. I have all the tools in my toolbox. I have all the weapons. My blade is sharp. I want this shit very much. Again, I have nothing to lose. I have absolutely nothing to lose. Lost. I don’t care. I dismiss Floyd Mayweather and his 50-0 record. It makes no sense to me. I want to be the number one surprise fighter in the world, just let every Everyone was surprised.”

On Sunday night, we will find out once and for all whether Paul is going to fool the boxing world, or if the YouTuber turned boxer is just fooling himself.


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