Logan Paul vs Jack Paul?The brothers still haven’t decided on a potential super battle

Tell me about your thoughts on Sunday Boxing Show Retired British Pound vs. British Pound King Floyd Mayweather and YouTube star Logan Paul But one fact is still indisputable: the eight-round competition has firmly attracted the attention of leisure sports and pop culture circles.

Of course, this may not be the tea of ​​choice for die-hard combat fans, which has led many people to use descriptors such as carnival and circus to describe the build. Instead, others praised the spectacle nature of the fight by calling it boxing professional wrestling, which may be the most appropriate description at the end of the day.

There is no doubt that what happened after 44-year-old Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) and 26-year-old Paul (0-1) touched the gloves (Screening time PPV, 8 PM EST) The beginning of their battle will be very real, and the consequences—both physically and their respective reputations—are based on the results of this battle known as “braggering rights.”

However, from the perspective of unpredictability, it’s hard to ignore the impact of “professional wrestling” on combat-including Logan’s brother Jack Paul stole Mayweather’s hat at their May 6th press conference Cause a small quarrel. The rubbish conversations between them also ranged from stupid to serious. At the same time, along with the overall “fun factor”, casual people flocked to them, like cat bites, but boxing veterans have always refused to accept.

If you want to know where the intersection between professional wrestling and boxing is, this weekend you may want to place a pin in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida for a closer look.

Therefore, with this in mind, people have some expectations and concerns about what will happen next after the game this weekend. Like it, take the next step now. Will Jack Paul come out of the ring to attack Mayweather and lay the groundwork for his fight (provided that Jack surpassed Tyronn Woodley in his own Showtime PPV debut in August)? Or can the Paul brothers achieve their respective goals of attracting former two UFC champion Connor McGregor back to sweet science?

Or what about something more taboo against professional wrestling? What is the chance that the Paul brothers will not face each other one day on the collision route?

Yes, from here I can feel the breeze of you quickly rolling your eyes. But this is a topic, Logan and 24-year-old Jack (3-0, 3 KOs) were asked more questions than you might think.

“Everyone will ask this question,” Logan Paul told CBS Sports last week. “I really believe that part of the reason I was placed on this earth is for entertainment and performance to reduce stress. I think my battle with Jack will create an unprecedented spectacle, and may never reappear. That makes me Excited.”

Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, brothers of Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champions for more than a decade, promised their mothers that they would never fight. But in recent years, the idea of ​​quarreling between brothers and sisters has been realized in the MMA movement.

Former UFC stars and adoptive brothers Ken and Frank Shamrock (Ken and Frank Shamrock) had never accepted the idea in the later stages of their careers despite the large differences in body size. Carlos Fodor and his adopted brother Ben “Phoenix Jones” Fodor did agree to do so under the banner of the 2016 World Fighting Championship, but its popularity was not high enough to cause a sensation in headlines and battles. Carlos decided to win. Continue to form a deeper wedge between the two.

“In this sport, everyone keeps asking us this question. I don’t know,” Jack Paul told CBS Sports. “One day we were like,’Yes, we should do this.’ Then the next day we were like,’No, this is a stupid idea. But hey, we are here to make history, so you always I don’t know what will happen.”

Solemnly declare that Jack’s silence is the same as everyone else in his family-including his brother-even though they all realize that this event may be a grand event.

“I’m also on the sidelines. My parents will fucking kill us. They don’t want that,” Logan Paul said. “My dad is a tough guy from Ohio, but he still doesn’t want it. My mom doesn’t want it, nor my friends. No one wants it close to us. We never quarreled. I think I am more Well, he thinks he is better. We have different coaches and different styles.

“I don’t know, I don’t know! Give us three years to hone these skills, let us find out who is better, once and for all for Paul.”

The differences between brothers are as obvious as the reasons that make them similar. Asked to explain, Logan could only answer with a smile, “How much time do you have?”

Jack, nicknamed the “Problem Child”, is covered with tattoos, obviously the more impulsive of the two. He devoted himself to the sport of boxing desperately and hoped to be valued because of his efforts. Although his elder brother Logan is more calm and cheerful on the surface, he seems to compare this with a joke, including his chance of defeating Mayweather.

“We are yin and yang people. I believe he will say the same thing. We are exactly the same, and completely opposite,” Logan Paul said. “We are very similar and very different. We are T’s brothers, white and black. He is a’problem child’ and I am obviously an angel, of course. I love this kid. He is my side and not mine.”

From the perspective of Jack’s role, the only certainty in Sunday’s game is that despite some early reported resistance from the Mayweather camp, he will still be allowed to enter the stadium despite the entire “Gotcha Hat” plot. game.

“I’ll be there. Freud, I think, overcame his little bitch health,” Jack Paul said. “I [have been] help [Logan] In the training camp, I am helping him exercise strength and physical fitness, mentality, meditation, and all these good things. I will cheer for him in the front row. I think if anyone in the world can do it, it is Logan Paul. “

Regardless of the outcome on Sunday, Logan Paul vowed that he will return to the ring again, and the potential defeat will not slow the Paul brothers’ destructive entry into the sport.

“Does the loss matter?” Logan Paul said. “Connor McGregor has just been beaten by a fucking ass, and his expression is terrible. Lost, lost, lost, lost. He is also the highest paid athlete in the world. I don’t know. Can you perform? Do people want to see you fight? Hush.

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