Kyrie Irving’s legacy is now tied to the Nets, and will Novak Djokovic defend his Australian Open title?

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This Brooklyn Nets And their latest (part-time) starting point

Welcome back, Kyrie IrvingThe superstar point guard made his debut this season on Wednesday night and scored 22 points, helping the Nets overcome the 19-point gap. Beat the Pacers 129-121 in Indiana.

Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden Merge into 79 points, The Nets spent almost no time going back to the offensive masters we saw last year. All three of them appeared in rare circumstances. Our NBA expert Brad Botkin wrote:

  • Borkin: “With Durant and Harden, you can defend. But with a third elite shooter/scorer, you can’t always be attached to them. You have to make a choice. Who are you with and who are you leaving? Yes. It will not be a good answer. That’s when Brooklyn becomes undefensible.”

Of course, the reason why the team didn’t spend too much time to go all out is because Irving did it himself. Because he was not vaccinated, Irving could not participate in home games and could only play away games. Considering the headache Irving caused and the huge adjustments the Nets are making, Owen’s existence must win more than ever Write NBA Columnist Bill Wright:

  • Reiter: Either Irving makes the Nets the championship contenders they should be, pushes them to another level, and helps them really deepen after we enter the playoffs. Or he is what he has been suggesting for years: not worth all the trouble. “

Honor Award:

It’s not a good morning for…

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Novak Djokovic

In the shocking incident, Novak Djokovic’s ability to participate in the Australian Open His visa was cancelled again in danger.

This requires some explanation, so please be patient:

  • Djokovic is not vaccinated against COVID-19, Australia requires vaccinations-or accepts an exemption for not being vaccinated-to enter the country.
  • Tuesday, Australian Open officially grants Djokovic medical exemption, He went to Australia.
  • However, when Djokovic arrived in Australia, he was refused entry and his The visa was cancelled due to insufficient evidence of medical exemptionIn addition, it is reported that Djokovic’s visa application does not allow medical exemptions

The next step is still unclear, although Djokovic’s lawyers are reportedly challenging the country’s ruling, and as of Wednesday night, the world’s number one player is being held in a hotel room.

Djokovic won 20 Grand Slams, with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Most often by a man. Djokovic’s record includes a record nine Australian Open titles-his most recent win was last year.

This year’s Australian Open will start on January 17. Whether he can defend his title remains to be seen.

Not so glorious mention

Antonio Brown shared his story, claiming that the Pirates “have been covering up” his ankle injury 👀

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Antonio Brown have Break his silence exist He was out in the shocking, shirtless third quarter against the Jets on Sunday..

In a lengthy statement issued through his lawyer Sean Burstyn, Brown Accused several things Against Tampa Bay, including:

  • MRI of Brown’s ankle shows “Fragments of broken bone stuck in my ankle, ligaments were torn from the bone, cartilage was lost.”
  • Pirates Force Brown Seek a second opinion After the “more junior doctors” Brown scheduled surgery Fix the ankle after the first MRI.
  • Head coach Bruce Arians And general manager Jason Wright Know Brown’s injury.
  • The pirate crew used “a powerful but sometimes dangerous painkiller NFLPA has warned “ Help Brown handle the paint
  • The team is “promoting Completely wrong narrative That [Brown] Feel free to perform without any explanation. “

Arians denied that there was a problem with the team’s handling of injuries and insisted that the injury has nothing to do with the withdrawal of the wide receiver.

Brown concluded his statement saying he will undergo surgery and hope to return next season Technically still on the Pirates roster When the team worked with the NFL to determine the next step to part ways with him.

Who will get the last playoff spot in Week 18? 🏈

Seven teams. Three o’clock. The longest regular season ever has one week to decide the playoffs.

In the AFC, there are Two vacancies And five potential teams to fill them: Colts, Chargers, Raiders, Steelers and Crow.

In general, there are 2The AFC alone has 56 different seeding schemes.

Fortunately, we have Stephen Oh of in charge of calculating the data, and John Breech in charge of understanding all of this data. This is how the algorithm predicts the AFC playoffs:

  1. Titan (Get a place in the playoffs)
  2. Chief (Get a place in the playoffs)
  3. bill (Get a place in the playoffs)
  4. Bengal tiger (Get a place in the playoffs)
  5. patriot (Get a place in the playoffs)
  6. pony
  7. charger

The last two predictions are very meaningful to me. The Colts only need to beat the Jaguars if they want to make the playoffs, It seems likely (Despite Indianapolis losing six consecutive games in Jacksonville). If everything goes well in Jacksonville, the winner of the Lightning Raiders will also enter the playoffs.

In terms of NFC, 49 people and saint Is competing A vacancyThe 49ers only need to beat the Rams, and the Saints need to beat the Falcons and let the 49ers lose the game. I will give you a suspense here: You must read this story See who this number likes.

You can view the entire playoffs at any time—and the scenarios where all seven teams still want a place— Right here.

Score the college football coaches. Who got an A? 🏈

CBS Sports Graphics

This College football The season is not over yet, but the “offseason” is already crazy for coaches’ carousel, which includes:

In all, 28 schools hired new head coaches this cycle, Dennis Dodd distributed Everyone’s grades. Who is the best in the class is not surprising:

  • Dodd: University of Southern California Lincoln Riley: A+—— Just as Riley left Oklahoma suddenly and quickly, on the West Coast, the prospects of USC suddenly improved. Riley not only carried the future of USC in his script, but also the future of Pac-12. The league’s flagship program will begin to keep California five-star players at home. Riley has the coaching ability to bring the Trojan back to the top. “

With Riley’s departure, it’s a difficult offseason for Oklahoma. Caleb Williams in the transfer portal, But soon he can be faithful and confident in the new regime:

  • Dodd: Brent Venables, Oklahoma: A– This fits perfectly with Venables who have worked with or for Bob Stoops in 16 seasons. The Clippers’ defense will be better. Considering that the offense was handed over to Jeff Leby, the airstrike concept will remain unchanged. This is an impressive transition to the SEC lineup. “

What are we watching on Thursday 📺

🏀 The 13th Ohio State University in Indiana, At FS1 at 7pm
🏀 Celtics exist Knicks, TNT 7:30 PM
🏀 Iowa 23 Wisconsin, At FS1 at 9pm
🏀 scissors exist Suns, At TNT at 10pm

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