Khawaja continues the “Australian Dream” but has no hope for Hobart

Usman Hawaja Shattered his 200th comeback test Continue his “Australian dream”, but the left-hander does not want to be retained in the fifth and final test against England.

Kavaja’s unbeaten 101 points on Saturday followed 137 points in the first inning of the fourth test. He participated in this game because of Travis Head’s COVID-19 The test was positive.

Khawaja, born in Pakistani immigrants, said on Wednesday that he is “realizing the Australian dream”. His fairytale reappearance made Australia face a choice problem. Head will return to take the Hobart test.

“At the moment I don’t really look forward to participating in the next test match, but I will always be ready for what happens,” Kavaja conducted his first test after living in the wild for 2-1/2 years. , Told reporters on Saturday.

“Who knows, other people may be infected with COVID, and something may happen. You have to be prepared at all times.”

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The 35-year-old player often enters and exits the team. He said that he understands and even supports the team’s idea of ​​choosing stability. “Once you are selected to enter Australia, I think you should have been aware of it for a while. You have put in all your efforts to climb up and be selected.”

“I have been on both sides. I was thrown and picked up, and I was thrown and picked up again. I really like the process and the dialogue between the selector and the player.”

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Considering his hot status, Australia may want to use Kavaja as an opener to replace Marcus Harris, who managed the seven games of the series for half a century. “Maybe in the future. I scored five points in this test match, which is fun and got a run. You can’t really compare five to the opening,” Khawaja said.

In Australia’s bowling department, Scott Boland took advantage of the absence of injured Josh Hadswood to stage his first game win in Melbourne.Hadswood Unable to recover from lateral strain Boland was retained to participate in the fourth test at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

“If Josh Hadswood is healthy, he will obviously be eliminated. This is reality, this is bad, but this is cricket,” Khawaja added.

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