James Anderson on the collapse of the ashes: no need to look too deeply

Great pace for England James Anderson does not believe that his country’s cricket setup needs to be overhauled after the chaotic Ashes movement, insisting that there are enough talents to rebound and “seeing too deeply” is futile. Australia.

After losing the first three tests, England has already handed over the ongoing five Ashes series to Australia. This performance caused great indignation in the country. Former players such as Kevin Peterson called for institutional reforms to prevent the decline.


England needs “systematic change” to become a better test team-Giles

After the dominant Australian team won the first Test with 9 wickets in Brisbane, they lost the Boxing Day Test with one set and 14 times, and then the next game in Adelaide. Achieved a convincing 275 victories.

“I think the most important thing I learned, especially from the failure of Ashes over the years, maybe you don’t need to study it too deeply and start changing the wheel,” Anderson told Fox Cricket.


Anderson, Wood was late for the strike for England in the fourth Ash Test affected by rain

“As a party, we still have a lot to improve, but I think we must also be realistic. Our team has some talents, and there are many young players in the team who are still learning their trades, so we must do our best. Do your best to keep improving every day.” The 39-year-old Anderson is still performing strong. He said that once the visiting team lags behind, it is difficult to rebound in Australia.

“Winning is a habit. This is why when the team comes here and is behind eight goals. When the team is 1-0, 2-0 behind, it is difficult to reverse the situation because you see Australia, when They are on the throat when they stand firm, they will never take it off, or it will be difficult to regain the momentum. This is our challenge for the next few weeks.” England did not perform well in the cricket test in 2021, last year Lost 9 times in 14 tests.

Anderson’s views are similar to those of Ashley Giles, managing director of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), who called for systematic changes in English cricket, but believes that mass dismissals are not The team recently struggled with solutions.

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