Is the Ivand Holyfield vs. Vitobelfort match as low as the boxing crossover event?

The summer of 2021 will be an important period for boxing. On the contrary, most of the major competitions on the calendar were either cancelled or postponed, and the celebrity and MMA crossover matches were once again the focus of the sport. This trend continued on Saturday night, when 58-year-old boxing legend Evan Holyfield and 44-year-old former UFC champion Vito Belfort fought a bizarre battle in the main event of Triller Legends 2.

After Oscar De La Hoya was fired, Holyfield’s intervention time was relatively short. Forced to withdraw from the fight due to a positive COVID testDe La Hoya has been more than 12 years since his last professional game, and his 48-year-old return to the ring has caused many people to question whether the parade of legends, mixed martial artists and celebrities has been eager to try. According to reports, De La Hoya has just filed a lawsuit with Triller over the allegations of non-payment, and replacing De La Hoya with De La Hoya did not alleviate these concerns.

Due to California’s refusal to approve the game, Triller was forced to move the game to Florida to save the game’s status as a professional game. Fans’ confidence in the performance game served as a series of glorified duel matches in several games. After the end, it gradually weakened. Now, by providing an alternative source of comment from former President Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr., the promotion has increased the absurdity.

Belfort was originally arranged as part of the Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kambosos Jr. incident in Triller, where he will face the “True Tarzan” Mike Holston, a former zookeeper who becomes A wild animal’whisperer'” video of the two fighting in the gym began to circulate on social media. When Triller and De La Hoya were unable to lock into the battle with UFC legend Georges St. Pierre, Belfort received a call.

Logan and Jake Paul entered the field of boxing. Triller’s first boxing event featured an exhibition between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., opening the door to a new era of boxing. When the wrong series appeared, a bubble would suddenly burst . There was a fight. Jack Paul managed to save some interest in his boxing career through a hyped and competitive fight with Tyronn Woodley. But the still powerful Belfort faced the ancient Holyfield. He shouldn’t punch when he was nearly 60 years old. This is a dangerous, ugly and careless battle, in a way that may collapse the entire circus fighting economy.

There are more MMA players on the hole, and Anderson Silva will challenge Tito Ortiz.

Silva, 46, is the greatest middleweight player in MMA history. After defeating the eternally disappointed Julio Cesar Chavez in June, he scored a huge victory in the boxing ring. . As a creative forward and someone who dabbled in boxing as a young man, Silva is one of the more interesting boxers trying to take advantage of the sudden surge in crossover interest.

Unlike Silva, Ortiz has never been as well known as the UFC light heavyweight champion. Ortiz won a seat on the Huntington Beach City Council in California and briefly served as interim mayor before a series of controversies, including Ortiz’s anti-mask stance, COVID conspiracy theories, and applying for unemployment despite not being unemployed , Resulting in his resignation less than six months after taking office.

Silva is a popular candidate to defeat Ortiz and gain more fighting power in the next game, and may even be one of the Paul brothers.

Looking to the future too, Triller and Triller CEO Ryan Kavanaugh (Ryan Kavanaugh) focused a lot of attention in Holyfield vs. Belfort. Tell Sky Sports He heard that Mike Tyson was “scared” to fight Holyfield for the third time because Tyson “thinks that Evand will knock him down.” All of this seems to be a transparent effort to establish a Thanksgiving weekend game between Holyfield and Tyson.

Although Saturday’s card seems to scratch the bottom of the barrel during these circus events, the players involved are already working hard to set up the next tent.

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