India has more collective experience in the lineup than South Africa: Hashim Amla

The legendary South African hitter Hashim Amla said that more “collective experience” from India was one of the key factors for the away team’s easy victory in the Centurion series opener.

In the first test of the Super Sports Park, India defeated South Africa by 113 points, leading 1-0 in a three-match series.

“This is a fair result,” Amra said on the South African Cricket (CSA) website.

“They (India) have been a strong team for the past two years or so. They have more collective experience, and when you run to support you on the board, it always has a huge impact. ”

There are not many experienced players in the South African team. Only Captain Dean Elgar, Quinton Decock, Cajiso Rabada and Longi Ngidi have some good exposure in the traditional format. , And India has all the top players.

Amra said that India’s lead in the first game had an impact on the outcome of the game.

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“Over time, the Centurion became notorious for becoming harder and harder to hit the ball. Therefore, once India has won the pitching, hitting and scoring more than 300 points, the Proteas batter’s game can at least achieve this. Score,” Amra said.

“130 points behind is what really hurts them, but the result is different.”

The 38-year-old Amra scored 9282 points in 124 tests in the 28th century, with an average score of 46.64, praising the Indian batsman for his outstanding performance on the first day of the test.

“On the first day, the court looked the best to hit the ball, thanks also to the disciplined cricket played by the Indians,” he said.

“Obviously, when the team came to South Australia, their batsmen talked about being far away from the stump. This may be where Proteas disappointed.”

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After a difficult opening day, Amra felt that the South African pitchers were fighting back very well.

“The challenge to defense was not enough. That was the first day, but on the second day, they did a very good job, limiting Indians to 327. They could have exceeded 400.

“Pitchers have their moments. Longi (Engidi), KG (Kaji Sorabada) and young players (Marco) Jensen certainly stood out. However, in a relatively low-scoring game, I I like to watch Temba Bavuma. He always looks like him at the same time and rarely encounters trouble.”

Amra admitted that the South Africans still have a lot of work to do, although he still believes they can rebound and defend their proud record of a home series that has never lost to India.

“Of course there is a way out, but it will require long laser-like focusing and touching wealth,” he said.

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“(Captain) Dean (Elgar) and Aiden (Markram) are first-rate players with hundreds of years of pedigree. If they gain momentum, they will definitely ease tension and provide young people with much-needed confidence.”

Since Quinton de Kock has retired from test cricket, the batting legend wants Temba Bavuma to hit higher in order.

“The two best batsmen among us are Temba and Quinton (de Kock). Now Quinton has opted out of the cricket test, which has further weakened the batting lineup and is now more serious than ever, which makes Temba must hit the ball higher.

“Whether it is three or four, let him have time to play a consolidating role, not a recovery role.”

The second test will be held at the Rangers in Johannesburg from January 3rd to 7th.

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