I was really angry after missing the Adelaide test: Pat Cummins


Australia captain Pat Cummins did not know how to vent his anger because a dining companion proved to be positive for COVID-19, which forced him to miss the second ashes test in Adelaide.

Before the second test, Cummins went out for dinner with his friend Harry Conway. He played for the BBL franchise Adelaide Forwards. At the time, he had dinner at a restaurant in Adelaide. One customer was confirmed as a positive case of COVID-19.

“I was really angry (at the time)-but I don’t know who it was,” Cummins, who returned to the captain in the Boxing Day test, was quoted as saying Western Australian.

“No one can blame. Once things become obvious, the state regulations, you must comply.”

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Cummins’ RT-PCR test result was negative, but he was required to be quarantined according to South Australia’s COVID-19 rules, which forced him to withdraw on the morning of the Adelaide game.

“We knew it might catch on at some stage in this series. I don’t think-or hope-it will be me,” said the 28-year-old player, who missed a home test in about five years.

“You followed the agreement, but there was hardly any COVID around, so I didn’t think about it at all, until that guy suddenly appeared next to me and said he was positive.

“No one has done anything wrong. This poor guy just flew to Adelaide to try and enjoy a few days of cricket games-I feel sorry for him too.”

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Cummins teammates Mitchell Stark and Nathan Lyon will also miss the game because they were supposed to have dinner with him in the same restaurant, but because the captain did not check the phone for 40 minutes, the two ate separately.

“They walked in angrily-they smelled a bad smell and sat in the back,” he said of Leon and Stark.

“This is just a player, this is a slightly bigger news, because this is the COVID and the captain, but this is not the end of the world, this is not a huge change.”

Cummins thought he could handle it, but when he saw the test match on TV, he got angry again.

“Then (watching the test on TV) about an hour later, I was very angry and I wish I could go back there,” he said.

“But it’s good. It’s a different perspective.”

Australia leads the five test series 2-0.


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