How to Learn Rummy in 3 Days?

Learn Rummy in 3 Days

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. Visit any household during an occasion and you will surely be invited for a round of rummy. The game is easy to grasp and is also greatly flexible. That is why most people choose this particular game to entertain their guests. If you have often been invited to such parties and gatherings and faced humiliation because you never knew the game, worry no more! Rummy card game is very easy to learn and we make it simpler with this blog for people who are still grasping the game.

How to Play Rummy?

You needed to understand the basic rules that govern the game of rummy before you move to the next stage of gaining expertise in it. Here we have listed the simple rules that govern how to play rummy:

Number of Cards: The number of cards distributed varies for each type of rummy game. The common variations use 10, 13 or 21 cards.

Goal of the Game: The main aim of the game is to prepare the melds and sequences before the other players. The player who manages to make all the four sequences/sets or melds is the winner of the game. A person needs to make at least the two sequences to be counted not a loser. If a person does not manage to even make the natural and artificial sequence, he is said to have a full hand.

Role of the Joker: The joker plays the role of bonus points in Indian Rummy. The existing jokers in a deck and the jokers pulled out from the pile to act as a joker are used for this.

Number of Players: Unlike many traditional card games where the number of players is limited to 4 players, rummy is flexible and allows anywhere between 2-6 players. The number of decks used for playing need to be varied based on the number of players.

Learn Rummy in 3 Days

Play Rummy Online to Practice

Once you understand the rules, you have crossed the first level. Now, you need to play the game of rummy a number of times so that the rules that govern the game are easily understood. This is where you can make the best use of Khelplayrummy app and play rummy online with strangers. Your goal when you play the game should be to understand the tricks that help people win easily.

Some Quick Tips to Help Play Rummy Better

While the game is not difficult to understand, not everyone understands the nuances. This is where I like to share some easy tips to win the game:

  • Plan the game to first form the natural and real sequence because without these two you may end up in a full hand.
  • Once you have formed the natural and real sequence, together referred to as life, move on to the next step of reducing the points in your hand.
  • Try to make the best use of jokers to rearrange the sequences so that you end up with minimum points.
  • Do not dispose cards that the opponent needs.
  • Avoid picking cards from disposed pile as it may give a hint of what cards you need.

You can learn rummy in just 3 days if you have made up your mind to. Practice on Khelplayrummy to sharpen your skills.

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