Holyfield vs. Belfort match result: former mixed martial arts star eliminated Holyfield, Anderson Silva shines

Well, the good news is that no one was seriously injured. This is the best thing to say about the Triller Fight Club pay-per-view card at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday.

MMA legend Vital Belfort defeated 58-year-old former heavyweight boxing champion Evan Holyfield in the main event. Anderson Silva continued to increase his stock in boxing in his post-UFC fighting career. It is one of the strangest fighting cards of recent memory.

Let’s take a closer look at what we learned from this circus in southern Florida.

1. Triller is the bottom end of the fighting sports food chain

This is a difference, which is usually reserved for the many naked boxing promotions that have occurred in recent years to provide a last payday opportunity for faded fighters in all combat disciplines before retirement. But Triller was so willing to take a gamble on an elderly person in Holyfield to replace the 47-year-old Oscar De La Hoya six days ago, even if it meant-sadly, it did do it- After the California Commission refused to allow Holyfield, the card was moved to Florida. However, if the only crime committed in tonight’s promotion was to launch a long-expired fighter, there would be hardly so much chatter. Somehow, Triller accomplished this, plus more bizarre and surrealism, including multiple live music performances, and a video showing Snoop Dogg with the late Marvin Gate and Donald Trump Rap with his son Xiao Tang on alternate commentary sources and its regular announcement of team drinking (this is different from comedian Pete Davidson adding Snoop Dogg to marijuana in a recent show).

In addition, Belfort cut out a professional wrestling-style propaganda film in his pre-battle interview, urging the Americans to make their country “great again”, and he called out Jack Paul and Canelo Alvare after the victory. Si, and used a series of curses as his family stood behind him, nodding happily. The publicly drunk executives of Triller also interrupted Belfort’s challenge to Paul, saying that it would provide the winner with $30 million. To be honest, the history of boxing is full of too many extreme moments to try to catch the pearl and accuse Treler too much of being bad for the sport. So much lipstick can be applied by a pig. However, it is difficult for people to find so many strange, unfortunate, and utterly cringing moments that happened on the same night, without feeling that this is a big step in the wrong direction.

2. Let us be happy for Holyfield, the situation is not worse

Forget about how healthy he looks while standing in the ring, any national committee will allow Holyfield (one week before the age of 59) and Belfort and other capable heavy hitters with such a glorious history of performance-enhancing drugs. Playing a boxing match is a crime. For all those involved, let alone Holyfield himself, let us be thankful that he lost in the first round of TKO very quickly and was basically painless. Holyfield argued that the knockdown he suffered before standing up was not so much a punch to the ground, as a push. He also stated many times that he was not injured. However, it is clear that this is not a highly competitive game. Just three years ago, Belfort also fought at the elite level of MMA. At the same time, Holyfield has retired for 10 years in his 27-year career, and 57 matches have caused countless injuries to one of the strongest fighters in boxing. In this battle, apart from salary, nothing was gained at all. Any level of debate on whether referee Sam Burgos made the right decision to stop the game needs to be stopped immediately because Belfort hurriedly hid behind his gloves in Holyfield. In theory, old guy fights are always fun, but if the initiator continues to try and profit from it, it will inevitably become sad and dangerous. The best thing that happened this night was that Holyfield left on his own.

3. Think of Anderson Silva as the new face of the celebrity boxing era

It’s fair to say that when the YouTube star and social media influence brothers Logan and Jake Paul decided to throw their hats into the ring a few years ago, the current trend of circus fights and celebrity crossovers began. Both of them have taken the sport seriously recently, so much so that everyone has boarded the Showtime pay-per-view competition and became a legal boxing match. But in this bubble, the 46-year-old UFC legend Silva does not seem to be that dangerous.After three months of dissatisfaction with the discredited former boxing middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Silva passed Left out former UFC champion Tito Ortiz On Saturday, he counter-attacked with his right hand in just 81 seconds of the opening.

Silva (3-1, 2 KO) seems to easily switch between fighting sports, and maintains good speed and reflexes to match his boxing preparation footwork. In fact, Silva looked very good in the two games this calendar year. Considering his size and speed, people have to wonder if he is too dangerous for any of the Paul brothers to fight him. Either way, the incident may be a blockbuster. Of all the entertainers, mixed martial artists, and former boxers who entered the boxing ring during this bubble, Silva seemed most capable of continuing to cause damage when he decided to continue fighting.

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