Goldberg discussed SummerSlam at the age of 54. Preparation: 75% of me are better than 99% of idiots on earth

Bill Goldberg will return to the game on Saturday night, when he will face WWE champion Bobby Leslie in a featured game in SummerSlam. Goldberg’s participation in the game has met with some opposition from fans, who believe that the 54-year-old legend’s days as a part-time wrestler should be over.

However, ask Goldberg and he will tell you a different story. He is ready to continue until the business no longer needs him. When he walks across the curtain, fans no longer react. For now, Goldberg said that even if his body struggles in new and different ways, it is worth it.

“When we were talking, I was sitting on the massage table,” Goldberg told the CBS Sports Channel. “The older you get, the harder it is to maintain, the harder it is to gain weight, and the harder it is to survive injuries. But there is a big picture here, and the price to pay is small. In spirit, as long as I can still become Goldberg, I will always be, and Physically, as long as I can catch a glimpse of myself, I think this is a worthwhile effort.

“I am a gluttonous punisher. Let us say that I feel pain every day. What else? Except maybe I don’t know how to hit the window of a limousine, I won’t change anything in my life, and neither will I I hit a door with my head when I was 51 and knocked myself down on the way to the ring, but hey, we all have something we want to change. I’m in a good place. Show me another A 53-year-old can do this at my level, and I will shake hands with them.”

Although he brags that he still has the ability to continue to perform and overcome the pain of this process, which was once easy for him because his long unbeaten record at WCW took over the wrestling world, Goldberg admits that he is a competition The time of the person-even part-time-is about to end.

Ironically, Goldberg complained loudly that the older Ric Flair who was still performing during WCW did not disappear from Goldberg, especially when Goldberg wanted him to hang up his boots, he was 10 years older than Flair.

“Oh, hell no. I don’t think I have more time to imagine,” Goldberg said. “But I will persist until I can’t do it or they don’t want me, and then I will reassess and think of other ways. I am an active person. I still train two or three times a day. It’s just that the body is not what it used to be. Reacted, things hurt a little bit more. Hey, man, everything is fine. I am in a very lucky position. I work hard in the given time to prepare for me. I think during this time I can interact with any Prepared like people.

“I don’t know, I won’t predict the future, because I remember complaining and complaining to Flair when he was 43 years old. Now I am 53 years old, and I said he shouldn’t have 10 years to do it anymore. The truth is , It’s up to you, no one else can make such a judgment. It’s a difficult problem, it’s difficult, but I deal with it every day. As long as I can get the response from the crowd, I can still do my thing and Vince [McMahon], The company and the enterprise still want me, then I will do my thing. If not, I will go to’The Goldbergs’ or do’NCIS’ and blow up some people. “

At Lashley, Goldberg faced a man with a very different career, even though he had many of the same physical tools. When Goldberg went all the way through WCW, defeated top stars and won the championship, he became one of the most famous figures in the industry, and even if WWE tried to promote him to become a major player, Rushley could not build momentum.

From 2005 to 2008, Lashley’s career was full of ups and downs, and even played an important role in WrestleMania 23, as the muscle of Donald Trump against Umaga who represents Vince McMahon. Lashley never reached the heights he seemed to be guaranteed early in his career. He was freed from the WWE contract and spent time reinventing himself in shock wrestling, and then returned to WWE in 2018, 10 years after he was released from prison.

After many stumbles in his early experience, Lashley established contact with the MVP and founded The Hurt Business, becoming the company’s leader and winning his first true world championship at WWE. This makes him a man who can fight against legendary figures like Goldberg in large pay-per-view events.

“Whether it was 20 years ago or 20 days later, Lashley is the person I have always wanted to entangle with,” Goldberg said. “Of course, there are many variables in the wrestling industry. I am ecstatic for him and his career. No matter whether it took so long or not, he understands that what he did and the time and work he put into it paid off. Out. For some reason, he is in that position now, he deserves it. He deserves it. He looks important, he is that part.

“This is my potential game all the time. I won’t say that I pushed it, but I always wanted it to happen. The fact that it didn’t happen on the day? It’s too bad. I will love to be with him at my peak. Fight. But I repeat, 75% of my people are better than 99% of idiots walking on Earth. So, let’s go.”

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