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It is very rare to see a replacement opponent added to a major event in a pay-per-view card in a boxing match that actually makes the match more attractive and (possibly) competitive.

This is the biggest storyline for entering the multi-sector champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis to return on Sunday, when the rising star defended his WBA second lightweight title at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Davis (25-0, 24 KOs) will recover to 135 pounds in a confrontation with the tough Isaac Cruz (22-1-1, 15 KOs), which is expected to be a close shootout. The 23-year-old Cruz was aptly nicknamed the “Bulldog”. After the undefeated heavy hitter was pulled out of the game in multiple sexual assault allegations, he was the late substitute for Rolando “Rolly” Romero. .

Although Cruz’s crouching style may sometimes appear to the naked eye, the Mexican native is very effective in entering his opponents and offloading various short shots from multiple angles.

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“I am very confident in any of my punches,” Cruz said at the last press conference on Thursday. “As the Mexican proverb says,’Wherever you go, go wherever you go.’ But I feel very comfortable with my skin and my style. I believe in what I can do on Sunday night.”

Cruz remained unbeaten in his last 18 games, which can be traced back to his only loss, in the eight rounds of 2016, he decided to lose to the journeyman Luis Miguel Montano, and he undoubtedly played against Sunday’s game. What it might look like to make a guarantee.

“I promise to play a great game, I promise to be very excited,” Cruz said. “It’s very simple, I’ve already said it, and I’ll say it again. [Davis] I have never met someone who fights like me. My desire and my desire for victory are unparalleled. He will feel this on Sunday night. ”

Although Davis has always respected Cruz’s resume, he does not believe that it is at the same level as the fighters. Davis has won three different weight classes in the past three games, but all ended in knockout rounds.

In 2020, Davis switched from lightweight to his first world-class opponent. In the multi-level champion Leo Santa Cruz, their PPV main event ended violently with a score of 130 pounds. Davis He defeated this year’s knockout uppercut with a score in the sixth round. Eight months later, Davis made his debut with a weight of 140 pounds and stopped the previously undefeated Mario Barrios in the June thriller.

“He can say anything he wants now, but it’s different when you are hit in the face,” Davis said. “He said that I have never met someone like him, but he has never met someone like me. He can tell the fight he wants to build. The change of opponents is only part of boxing. I have to be like This way I will adapt to what Cruz brought to the night of the battle.”

The upgrade does not necessarily change the betting odds, because Davis has finally just begun to gain the recognition of the British pound against the British pound globally, and is listed as the favorite of –1100. But there is no doubt that Cruz offers a more dangerous challenge than the extremely primitive Romero.

“Gwenta is a very powerful fighter. I think he is the best in the department, but he is human and he is not impossible to defeat,” Cruz said. “My goal is to take him to the next level and show who I am.

“We are not afraid of his speed. We have been training hard to deal with his speed. He has a strong uppercut, he can make all kinds of punches, but we are ready. No matter what the previous fighters are against him. What we have done, we are ready to fight back whatever he can throw at us.”

Davis added a second set of eyes during the training camp to prepare for Cruz, as the well-respected Barry Hunter joined his team with head coach Calvin Ford. On Thursday, both coaches said that given Cruz’s aggressiveness and rough style, he needs to be sharp. Davis added that he knows how hungry Cruz will be and that he has nothing to lose.

“I think fighting someone taller than me is harder than fighting someone taller than me,” Davis said. “You have to go all out to find him. But I want to participate in my top competition, so we will see how it works.

“I used to be weak like Cruz. I know he is well prepared and strong. I remember when I was leaning against the wall. Now it’s a matter of life and death, and he’s here too, not just for himself. But for his family.”

Battle card, odds

Odds for betting on Caesars Sports

  • Gervonta Davis -1100 vs. Isaac Cruz +700, WBA “Regular” Lightweight Champion
  • Sebastian Fundora (Sebastian Fundora) -270 vs. Sergio Garcia (Sergio Garcia) +220, super welterweight
  • Sergiy Derevyanchenko -400 vs. Carlos Adames +310, middleweight
  • Luis Arias vs. Vaughn Alexander, super welterweight


The more Cruz can get inside, hit Davis on the body, and make the fight as intense as possible, the more he has the chance to pull the restlessness. In fact, Davis is usually very economical as a counterattack, which can open the door to the huge Cruz and allow him to surpass him on the scorecard.

This sounds like a great plan on paper. Of course, the problem is Davis’ impact. The Baltimore natives have eliminated 96% of their opponents. In the six rounds of 2014, only German skilled worker Ivan Meraz (Ivan Meraz) defeated him.

Cruz needs to show the next level of chin to reduce Davis’ touch advantage. Cruz often bowed his head when playing, similar to the young Mike Tyson, which made him open to Davis’s deadliest finishing punch-left uppercut.

The best case is for Cruz to endure punishment as early as possible so that he can tax his fuel tank after slowing Davis’s fuel tank with body shots. This is a strategy that may be effective for Davis four years ago, who often fell victim to the excessive behavior of his growing celebrity, including his loss of the 130-pound championship title in 2017.

Davis believes that abstaining from alcohol will allow him to achieve a higher level of health and concentration, but he has recently been too busy to be a victim. Although Davis still has a lot of legal problems off the court, he has become a student in the game and no longer cut corners in preparation.

Expect Cruz to make this fight interesting, as long as it lasts, and use his aggressiveness to show Davis the best. In the end, this will also lead to his death, because the best Davis is as terrible as anyone in the sport today.

Pick: Davis passes KO9

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