Former WWE star Al Snow rescued the child from the rapids. He said that the boy “could have been” without his help

Former WWE star Al Snow’s fighting skills came in handy on Thursday when he saved a child from the rapids of Destin Beach, Florida, saving his life. Snow’s legal name is Alan Savin. In the 1990s, he was famous for talking and other gimmicks. He wrestled with mannequins wearing masks as “ninja rangers”.

In an interview with TMZ, Snow said that he heard shouts from the ocean, and then saw a little boy struggling to reach his flotation device. The 58-year-old man then began to act.

“I think the torrent caught him, because every time a wave came in, it would start pulling him farther and farther, and I could see him starting to panic,” Snow said. “I heard my mother screaming,’Someone can help him.’ The lifeguard has gotten up, but I know she won’t arrive on time. And I’m still far away, but I started crossing the water to try to get there. I did it. , Thank God, I grabbed his arm when the waves started to pull him farther. If I didn’t grab him, I think he would have gone to sea long ago.

“That’s how it is.”

A wave subsequently hit Snow and the boy, but the former WWE star remained upright long enough to describe the boy—Snow described as “very scared” and “very shocked”—to the lifeguard, and then Back to the beach. Snow said he was almost exhausted and was about to collapse.

This incident reminds Snow Shad GaspardLast May, he died while swimming with his 10-year-old son at Marina Delray Beach in California.

After the boy and his mother were reunited, they came to Snow to thank him. The boy then called Snow a bodybuilder, which slightly aroused Snow’s conceit.

“Oh, I must look good,” Snow recalled.

After ending his professional wrestling career in 2017, Snow acquired the Ohio Valley Wrestling Team in 2018 and then sold his controlling stake in January 2021. He still serves as the chief executive officer of the organization and controls day-to-day operations.

Snow’s wrestling antics made him a hero for some people in his heyday, but saving this child was his most heroic act to date. Unlike most wrestling figures, he talks about it modestly.

“I didn’t do anything that no one else would do,” Snow said.

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