With Arsenal planning Ajax transfer negotiations, Onana reduces the doping ban

The Sports Arbitration Court has shortened the goalkeeper’s doping suspension period to 9 months and will be able to compete again in November

The Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) shortens Arsenal’s transfer target Andre Onana’s doping ban to nine months

The Ajax goalkeeper was banned from UEFA for one year in February after testing positive for furosemide after an out-of-match test.

But he has always insisted that he accidentally took the medicine prescribed to his wife And appealed to CAS and heard it last weekThe verdict has now been announced, and the period of the injunction has been shortened by three months.

What will happen now?

Due to the suspension clause, Onana has not even been able to train with Ajax since February. He has been working out with a personal trainer at the local stadium in Amsterdam.

He will be allowed to start competitive training again two months before the end of the ban, so the appeal ruling means that he will be able to train with his team again starting on September 3.

This greatly increases the possibility of a summer transfer, as he will be available for selection starting on November 3.

Why is the ban reduced?

The CAS team of three heard Onana’s appeal and found that UEFA’s initial 12-month suspension was “disproportionate and excessive”.

Onana explained that due to his wife’s mistake, furosemide was found in his body, and he accidentally put the pills into the football player’s medicine cabinet.

Onana’s wife holds the drug, which is not considered a performance-enhancing substance because she is pregnant and prescribed by the doctor.

Arsenal interest

Arsenal is now expected to increase interest in Onana, This was first disclosed by Goal in April.

The Gunners’ interest in Onana can be traced back to January, when the North London club had contact with player representatives.

Financial problems prevented Arsenal from reaching a deal, and the club chose to loan Matt Ryan from Brighton, but the club has been in regular contact with Onana’s representatives ever since.

Negotiations with Ajax on goalkeeper fees are now expected to accelerate, and the Dutch giants are willing to profit from a player who transfers for free next summer.

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