“When you see him, you must smile”-Havertz on Kanter’s influence at Chelsea

The midfielder and the defender are fierce contenders, and all three of them may play in the opener of the European Cup in France and Germany in 2020.

Chelsea star Kay Haverts paid tribute to N’Golo Kanter after Chelsea recently won the UEFA Champions League and admitted that he would rather not meet him at the 2020 European Cup. However, Havertz did say that he is very happy to be able to fight alongside the Blues player Antonio Rudiger this summer against Germany.

Haverts said Kanter made everyone in the locker room smile and changed the dynamics off the court, just as he affected things.

The former Leicester City star had a wonderful season in 2020-21. After the Blues defeated Manchester City in Saturday’s final, he won his first Champions League title. At the same time, Rudiger won the love of Chelsea fans with a series of rough performances during the campaign.

Say what?

“When you see [Kante], You have to smile. He is a great person, a great person,” Haverts told reporters on Friday.

“And an excellent football player. As an offensive player, I am always happy when he is on the court. You may make a lot of mistakes because he always wins the ball back. He is fast and agile. , And always get a firm foothold.

“Of course, this is why having to play against him in the first game of the European Championship is not so good.”

“Warrior on the Court”

As France and Germany will meet in the opening match of the 2020 European Cup Group F on June 15, Havertz and Kanter will soon appear on both sides of the stadium.

Nonetheless, the 21-year-old is happy to see Rudiger being selected into Loew’s lineup, and the defender also played an important role in Chelsea’s second Champions League victory.

“[Rudiger] The past few months have given us a lot of stability. “The former Leverkusen ace player said. “After Tuchel arrived, he performed very well.

“As a mentality player, he is also very important. On the court, he is a fighter. A bit like Kanter-you want him to be in your team.

“It’s not that fun to play against him in training. The past few months have been at his best. It was very difficult for him at the beginning, and now he has gotten out of it.”

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